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Katy  Verified Buyer
Tue, Jan 28 2020
Color good. Printing crooked.

Kelly  Verified Buyer
Mon, Nov 25 2019
Printing quality is very poor, logo location and alignment are all over, not consistent. Tshirt quality is not as described on photos on website

Mathew  Verified Buyer
Mon, Jun 24 2019

Chavie  Verified Buyer
Fri, Aug 17 2018
Poor Quality
I received a different tshirt, a fruit of the loom one and the quality is terrible. very thin and color not vibrant. Disappointed!

AKHENATON  Verified Buyer
Wed, Jun 20 2018
The customer service portion was good. And the delivery was good. The way the shirts fit and feel, not so much!! There was no option for a male tshirt just unisex. I’m a slender male and I stay fit to pass my physical fitness test each year with the military. When I put the medium shirt on it was snug! So much so, I decided to cut the sleeves off my new family reunion T-shirt. However the rest of the shirt was still snug. They didn’t have women T-shirt’s available so we went with the unisex t and they fit snug as though they were women t’s from the start. I like that the company contacted us with modifications of colors etc to the shirts timely but the shirts really run small. If you want a shirt that’s not tight you may have to go two sizes up. 😕 If the shirt run small that would have been nice to know before I ordered my whole family’s family reunion shirts.

Bella  Verified Buyer
Fri, May 18 2018
The quality was to be expected for a $13 shirt. The color of the text was really light and after one or two washes will probably fade away.

Doris  Verified Buyer
Mon, Apr 23 2018
I ordered children sizes and received youth sizes.

Roxanne  Verified Buyer
Tue, Dec 26 2017
Shirts showed up with dark stains surrounding the printed image. Have never had this happen with bolt before. Printing itself was great, but almost like oil or grease was spilled all over shirt.

Jana  Verified Buyer
Sun, Dec 24 2017
The T-shirts I ordered are not the T-shirts I received. Per the proof that I approved, the placement of the text on the front of the shirt was located right at about the armpit area. Instead, the text was printed 2" below the collar when it should have been about 5"-6" below. The text block on the back of the shirt was also placed rather high, starting at about 4" below the collar when it should have been 5". The service and response time is great, prices are good but the quality is poor. I would think I would get what I approved per the proof.

Oz  Verified Buyer
Tue, Aug 22 2017
Registration was way off
The registration on the white underbase was WAY off. The white bleed out completely around the art, creating a white border, which was not what I wanted, and was not what I proofed. Please advise

Mackenzie  Verified Buyer
Thu, Jul 27 2017

Harri  Verified Buyer
Wed, Jun 21 2017
Did not receive a shirt and sizes were messed up

Dana  Verified Buyer
Wed, Mar 08 2017
The small shirts being was completely offset and smudged
The small shirts being was completely offset and smudged

Natasha  Verified Buyer
Tue, Dec 20 2016
The quality is very poor. The picture has a pale black outline around it which looks extremely tacky. Any graphic design student 101 would be able to get rid of the outline for a picture. Also the color is splotchy. I would never order from here again.

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