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Fast Custom Cotton T Shirts
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Brittany  Verified Buyer
Mon, Sep 20 2021

LAKESHIA  Verified Buyer
Wed, Jun 10 2020

LAKESHIA  Verified Buyer
Tue, Jun 02 2020

Melisa  Verified Buyer
Mon, Feb 03 2020

Donald  Verified Buyer
Sun, Nov 18 2018
T-day shirts
The website was easy to use. The shirt was delivered on the day promised. I did have a couple of issues. (1) the first proof came out in 1 color. the support person was helpful and pointed out that I had clicked the 1 color option but created a multi-color design. It cost me double from the original price. Seems this can be prevented on the site. (1)The design size was larger than I planned. In the proof, I thought it looked bigger than the design I made. But I didn't pay enough attention to it. I might

Roberto  Verified Buyer
Thu, Sep 27 2018
Happy with my order. Colors are more muted than anticipated.

Tina  Verified Buyer
Thu, Sep 06 2018
Good service
I ordered a bunch of parent shirts for a sports team. Katie was very helpful and nice no matter how many questions I asked. I submitted my own image and the lines were a little fuzzy when printed. Overall I’m happy to have this project done and for their great customer service. I will be ordering from them again, I’ll just make sure to have everything drained in a vector file before sending to them, to assure crisp clean lines. The shirts arrived on time as promised, I’m already preparing another order for company shirts.

Elizabeth  Verified Buyer
Thu, Jul 26 2018
Called at the last minute. They were very helpful and assured on time delivery. Shirts came and we are very happy with the product.

Donna  Verified Buyer
Fri, Jul 20 2018
The shirt and picture were wonderful but the ordering process needs work. If I was told that I had to complete my order before 3 PM I would have saved my church some money on postage. The website also needs more directions to make it easier to navigate.

Julia  Verified Buyer
Thu, May 31 2018
Just One Negative
I'm very pleased with the product itself. I knew the quality of the Gildan brand before my order and that's why I chose it instead of the economy-type style. The image turned out great. A little bigger than I expected. It's hard to gauge on a computer screen! But over all, love the shirts. My only beef with the whole order is that I ordered 50 shirts in various sizes (only one was the wrong size out of the whole order) but I ended up being short about 5 shirts for my event (I should have ordered like 55) and there is no provision for reordering a small amount at the same rate. So I spent $200+ two weeks ago and you won't give me a reduced rate as a returning customer? I feel like you should be able to get the same rate for up to 30 days or something. Now I have to tell three kids and a couple of adults that they can't have a t-shirt cause it would cost $80 to order theirs. That sucks! Otherwise I would have given bolt the best rating. :(

Janice  Verified Buyer
Sat, Apr 28 2018

Prentiss  Verified Buyer
Mon, Mar 05 2018
Large areas of white text not good
The service and responsiveness was good. But my design had alre agreed of whit text and they did not come out well. I probably won’t use bolt printing for this type of design again.

Damon  Verified Buyer
Wed, Feb 07 2018

Alexandre  Verified Buyer
Wed, Dec 27 2017

Brooke  Verified Buyer
Wed, Dec 20 2017

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