4 Custom Hat Types Explained

4 Custom Hat Types Explained

While I'm sure you're familiar with one-size-fits-most, there's no such thing as a one-STYLE-fits-most. Instead, certain hats do some things well -- or are more comfortable to some people -- while others are great for very different reasons.
Here are the distinctions between 4 popular customizable hat types: baseball caps, dad caps, trucker caps, and bucket hats.

Baseball Cap Style Explained

In the beginning, there were baseball caps. 
A lot of what we think of as hats today come from the tradition of baseball caps, which were designed with athleticism in mind -- which is they're small, fit snugly (so you won't lose them), and help to regulate heat. 
Traditional baseball cap are available in a variety of fabric types (ranging from high-end wool choices to cotton twill or even a moisture-wicking performance material). They consist of 5-6 solid fabric panels going around the hat, with a hard, fused buckram behind the front panels to give the hat structure (ie, the hat keeps its shape even when not being worn). The bill is more likely to be curved than flat. 
These hats are great for sports teams, whether it's baseball or anything else.

Dad Cap Style Explained

Although baseball caps are great in terms of function, not everybody finds them comfortable. And that's where the dad cap comes in. 
Dad caps typically feature 5-6 cotton twill panels (although they can also come in a moisture-wicking performance fabric). However, they lack a buckram behind the front, meaning the hat is unstructured -- which gives them their relaxed fit. In fact, a dad cap is so relaxed, the hat doesn't hold its shape when it isn't being worn. This is a HUGE reason why dad hats are so comfortable. 
Dad hats feature curved bills and often have a lower profile than other caps. These hats tend to be popular among women, who find them comfy. On top of that, a lot of people enjoy them as a fashion choice.

Trucker Cap Style Explained

As you'd probably imagine, trucker caps first started to catch on with truckers. Although these hats were given away as promotional swag by companies to truckers, they've become incredibly popular outside of trucking, too, particularly when it comes to fashion. 
The earliest trucker caps featured a foam front. Nowadays, you're more likely to see cotton/poly front panels (with a buckram for structure). Trucker caps notably feature mesh backing for added breathability. And, because of that polyester mesh, they tend to use a snapback closure. As for the bill, it tends to be flatter than either dad caps or baseball caps. 
The KING of trucker caps is the Richardson 112. It's probably the only kind of hat people ask for by name AND number -- and they'll usually ask for added clarification to be sure. Richardson has an incredible amount of brand loyalty where many people who own a Richardson won't wear anything else. (Yes, they're that good.)

Bucket Hat Style Explained

Compared to the other styles, bucket caps probably feel a bit out of place. After all, they don't follow in the tradition of baseball caps. However, you might notice parallels to some of the other hats we discussed.
First, what sets bucket hats apart from everything else on this list is they feature a brim that goes all around the hat. Depending on the style, the brim can be floppy.
These hats are typically unstructured, although the sides can sometimes be a bit firm on higher-end, more fashionable bucket caps (and you'll see a lot of other features on higher-end versions - which is when a lot of choices are centered more around fashion). However, when neither the brim nor crown is firm, bucket hats are incredibly foldable and can fit in your pocket (or, in other words, it's a packable hat -- making it perfect for travel or when you aren't sure you'll need a hat).  
Bucket caps are a great all-around hat. They have many of the same conveniences you'll see with other hats on this list, but with a wider brim to shield the wearer from the sun. 
On top of everything else, bucket hats are just plain FUN. They're a great choice for things like water parks, beaches, and a wide variety of outdoor events. 
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