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Where to Get Cheap Custom T Shirts

Personalized apparel (like custom t shirts) is a fun way to broadcast your business or announce a special occasion.

In fact, if you're marketing on a budget (and who isn't marketing on a budget?), things like custom tees can be an incredibly cost-effective solution. Whether you run a company or are looking to promote an event, a great custom shirt will grab people's attention and generate awareness.

 If you're looking for the best value on your custom shirts, here are a few t shirt design tips to help you create amazing cheap custom t shirts.

We know you love saving money, and we have some really great tips for how to do it. Check out our top 5 cost savings tricks below!

   Our cost saving tips

Getting the Best Bang for your Buck

Your custom design will drive the value you get from your apparel -- not just in terms of what you spend (although there are definitely ways to get your custom t shirts for cheaper), but also the impact your message leaves.

While a logo is great by itself, you can add text to complete your design -- maybe a short slogan, a line or two about the products/services your company offers, or the URL for your site.

And remember -- just because a design looks like a piece of fine art on your computer screen doesn't guarantee it'll look great on a custom t shirt. Don't expect to just upload a neat design you found via a Google search and be done with it. However, with a little bit of inspiration and creativity, you can create a design that sets your apparel apart.

Some of the best ways to make your design stand out either don't add to your expense or could even reduce it. For example, you can simply select a garment color that strongly contrasts the color of your design. Think about it -- wouldn't a white logo pop out a lot more on a black garment?

And, by the way, while cheap custom t shirts are an amazing promotional tool, they're not the only way to generate attention for your company or special occasion. There's a lot of other clothing you can customize, too. For example, people's attention naturally gravitates towards a person's head, meaning a custom hat is in a great place to be seen (and, unlike t shirts, a hat can usually be seen even in a dense crowd). And during the colder months, sweatshirts can be a great option.

Other Ways to Save when Ordering Cheap Custom T Shirts

Depending on how your custom t shirts are printed, you could be looking at some substantial savings. If you only need a few custom shirts, digital printing is an option -- but digital is generally more expensive than screen printing. If you're close to hitting the minimum order quantity where screen printing becomes an option, it might make sense to purchase additional custom printed t shirts.

Keep in mind if you're ordering t shirts for your business, there are a lot of great reasons to keep extras on-hand. For instance, if your t shirts are used as a company uniform, this allows you to replace an employee's stained or damaged shirt without having to place another order. You may also decide to let your customers help with your advertising. By giving away free t shirts or other apparel, your customers will effectively become walking billboards -- advertising your business whenever they wear your shirt (which is another reason to customize your t shirts with an amazing design).

Larger orders mean larger discounts and, if you order custom t shirts in advance, you're going to be able to take advantage of our free shipping.

Rmember: Cheap doesn't have to Mean Low Quality

When people hear "cheap t shirts," sometimes alarm bells start ringing in their heads. However, a cheap custom t shirt isn't always the same thing as a low-quality custom shirt. There are a lot of factors driving the expense of custom t shirts and, thankfully, many of those don't impact the final product. You can definitely create a cheap custom t shirt without sacrificing anything. And by planning ahead of time and thinking about your minimum quantity, you can help to control your price.

If you're looking for ideas or inspiration for how you can customize your own t shirt, be sure to check out our blog.



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    Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt
    We ordered hoodies and shirts and everything turned out great and was sent as planned!
    James Caldwell
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    Triblend Tee
    "The staff at Bolt Printing made the process carefree. Reordering was quick and the turnaround time exceeded our expectations. The T-Shirt quality and price were unexpected and greatly appreciated. The printing was flawless, and our team was extremely happy with the final results. Thank you."
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    Knit-Cuff Beanie
    I believe this is our 3rd year ordering these and we love them. So do our staff and our guests. We sell out every year. Thanks, BOLTprinting.
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    Heavy Blendâ„¢ Crewneck Sweatshirt
    Great pricing, fantastic customer service, fast delivery, excellent product. This is why I keep coming back to Bolt Printing!
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    Great customer service and so fast!!! These are my new people.
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