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About Bolt Printing: Why we're the best company for custom printed and embroidered shirts online


When buying custom printed apparel and custom embroidered shirts, you want a company you can trust.

You should know that you're buying from experts who care about your custom t shirt designs almost as much you do and who are committed to providing you with amazing (yet cost effective) personalized apparel.


Bolt Printing office


Bolt Printing & Embroidery is a woman-owned, family business founded by Lana Corsano in 2009. Although the company has grown tremendously since then, Lana's commitment to delivering high-quality custom apparel at affordable prices hasn't changed.

Bolt Printing started with a small press and a dream.  


Lana Corsano in front of a conveyor with custom printed apparel

For the first few years of Bolt Printing's existence, it was mostly a one-woman operation. Lana rented part of a garage and, with a single screen printing press, handled all aspects of the business, gradually growing a customer base.

Lana, who had worked across different facets of the garment industry, had always loved the idea of custom apparel and wanted her own t shirt printing business. Between her drive to succeed, can-do attitude, and industry understanding, Lana built the company up from nothing.


Lightning-fast growth 

In 2012, Bolt had outgrown that garage -- and the business became too big for Lana to handle alone -- so the company moved to its Brookfield facility. Starting with just part of the building, Bolt Printing gradually expanded until it took over the entire location and gained a 10,000 square foot production facility.

As Bolt Printing grew, its services expanded. In 2011, Bolt officially began offering digital printing. And, in 2015, custom embroidery was added. And, over the years, new machinery was purchased to increase Bolt Printing's capabilities and improve its operations.


Tyler Corsano joins Bolt Printing Full-Time 

Tyler Corsano is committed to delivering top notch quality custom shirts

After graduating from Pace University in 2012, Tyler (Lana's son) started to work at Bolt Printing full-time.

Although Tyler started small -- mostly handling digital printing, cleaning screens, and helping with shipping -- he eventually learned every facet of the business, ranging from production to artwork and customer service.

As Tyler increasingly took a larger role in the company, he started to train and guide new team members. He'd unofficially taken on a leadership position which was officially recognized when he became Bolt Printing's Production Manager. (And, rather than acting like a foreman, Tyler works alongside his team to create custom t shirts and apparel.)

Among his countless other contributions, Tyler helped to put together Bolt's clip art gallery and was responsible for finding several of the company's most-popular designs.



Anthony Corsano, CFO & COO, joins the company 

Anthony Corsano has decades of leadership experience in the apparel industry

In January 2018, Anthony Corsano (Lana's husband) officially joined Bolt Printing. Anthony, whose decades of experience has included leadership positions in Anvil Knitwear (where he served as the CEO) and Gildan, brought an operations-focused mindset to the business. He overhauled the production facility, optimizing procedures and implementing a series of best practices that elevated Bolt Printing's quality control.

He was also instrumental in improving the way Bolt Printing processes orders, making the system (and the entire business) more efficient. This includes finding ways to improve turnaround time.


Facing COVID challenges head-on 

Like many companies across the nation, Bolt Printing was forced to cease normal operations for a few months as a result of government-ordered shutdowns aimed at slowing the spread of the pandemic. Since then, Bolt has come back stronger than ever.

Part of this has involved changes in how Bolt operates, including a culture shift towards increased collaboration.

Before the pandemic, Bolt Printing had a customer service team and an art team. However, Lana realized this approach had shortcomings -- it effectively added another layer of communication and could lead to delays (not to mention possible errors).

To streamline operations and improve turnaround time, Lana cross-trained Bolt's customer service representatives (CSRs) to handle artwork. Because our CSRs understand the printing and embroidery processes -- and can implement customer designs themselves -- they can answer questions that would usually be deferred to somebody else. And by having one fewer contact point, our service is faster and far more accurate.

And, as part of the broader culture shift, Bolt's CSRs work collaboratively -- bringing together their collective experience (with Lana's support) to address issues and ensure a high quality standard is being met. Likewise, by maintaining a close relationship with the production team, Bolt is able to avoid a lot of t shirt design hiccups.

Of course, not everything has been clear skies. Bolt Printing faces many of the same industry-wide challenges associated with COVID, including garment availability. Our team has handled these inventory issues by finding the best-possible substitutes.


 Our Principles / What Matters to Us



Because we create t shirts ourselves, we're able to guarantee our quality and operate at a lower cost

By producing everything in-house, we're able to keep our costs low without sacrificing quality and we pass those savings along to our customers.



  We won't hit you with hidden fees for not meeting a minimum order -- we stick to what you see in our free quote

When you work with Bolt, you know what you're getting -- we don't try to sneak in hidden fees or hide our prices.



We maintain a high standard when it comes to print and embroidery services

Our team consists of experts in screen printing, embroidery, graphic design, and manufacturing.  



We take the utmost care with your custom tees

Bolt offers customers a white glove service -- think of us as custom clothing concierges -- where we work with you to ensure your apparel is the best it can be.


Collaborative Culture

Our team works together to offer screen printing and to offer embroidery

There are no storm clouds at Bolt -- we've fostered an open, inclusive culture where team members work together to deliver industry-leading results.



Our turnaround time is lightning fast, so even our standard shipping feels quick

Bolt isn't just a name -- we pride ourselves on offering lightning-fast service, especially when it comes to the turnaround time on your important last-minute orders.


Not just another printing business

Custom t shirts heading to the dryer

Lana isn't content with Bolt being just another t shirt printing or custom embroidery company. She wanted a diverse business capable of supporting and providing a livelihood for its team members.

Her approach to thriving in the custom apparel marketplace involves being honest, valuable, and competitive, with the goal of creating a sustainable apparel business that takes care of its customers and its employees.

Bolt's commitment to its team includes air conditioning the business's screen printing facility. Given the nature of screen printing, the production area can get ridiculously hot. Rather than let employees suffer through that heat (like most companies), Lana didn't want her team having to work under conditions she wouldn't.


Bolt Printing is here for your custom apparel needs

Create artwork using existing designs in Bolt's design studio

Our online design tool helps to bring your design ideas to life. We have an extensive clip art gallery that can be used to create the perfect custom design for your t shirts.

Looking to create embroidered shirts? Maybe you want a work uniform for your employees? Check out our options for custom embroidery on polo shirts.

And we offer a huge selection of custom options. Want short sleeve shirts? Long sleeves? Print designs on your custom polo shirts? Tank tops? Hats? Beanies? Custom embroidered jackets? We have you covered and at an affordable price.

We work with you to ensure your custom t shirts are the best they can be. (And we sometimes don't just stop at good quality when it comes your apparel items. When we see problems with your t shirt designs or a way to improve them, we speak up. Our goal is to deliver a final product you -- and everybody else -- will be happy to wear for years to come.) And, more importantly, we're constantly improving, with big things -- like new customizable pre designed templates -- on the way.

Whether you're looking to raise money for a charity, to create some amazing promotional items for your business, looking to celebrate an important event, or just want to see your own design (or your own artwork) on a shirt, Bolt Printing is here to meet your custom printed apparel and custom embroidered apparel needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a free quote today.

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