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Customize Company Jackets With Logo

Custom jackets are the highest-end branded clothing option, pretty much in a class of their own, which makes them a great choice for corporate gifts (whether giving them to clients or employees). Much more importantly, they're extremely practical if you need work uniforms for team members working outdoors or in a cold setting.

When buying custom jackets -- for a company or anything else -- the best option is an embroidered logo placed at the left chest. This logo placement is simple, tasteful, and in a spot people notice.

But why custom embroidery?

Although screen printing vs embroidery often comes down to a matter of preference, there are a LOT of practical reasons why you don't want a screen printed logo on a jacket. Among other issues, jackets often have an uneven surface and their insulation can cause movement when trying to screen print (which can give you a messy custom logo).

Those things aren't a problem when you embroider jackets. The embroidery process reduces the unevenness by compacting the space and the material isn't able to slide (like it would during screen printing).

However, on top of that, custom embroidered jackets just have a cleaner, crisper look than you might get when screen printing jackets. In short, an embroidered logo really pops on uniform jackets.


Company Branded Jackets Help You Stand Out

Company jackets make incredibly practical work uniforms for your employees working outside. They're a great way to reassure customers, clients, and neighbors that the team members are part of your crew and should be there.

However, there's another benefit, too -- any place your workers visit, your company's logo will be on display. This includes anywhere they might stop at during the work week, and -- because they'll likely still wear their embroidered work jackets the rest of the time -- anywhere they visit on their days off. It's an easy way to get your name (and logo) out there.

Although the most durable option is a custom work jacket (and specifically an embroidered Carhartt jacket), the best custom jacket will depend on your needs. An embroidered rain jacket might make sense for workers who could be out in severe weather. However, a parking lot attendant might only need a light jacket, meaning you may want to go with embroidered soft shell jackets or even a custom fleece jacket (and custom windbreaker jackets are another popular option). For a much colder environment, embroidered puffer jackets (or custom puffer vests) might make the most sense.

Or maybe the best option isn't a custom jacket, but instead an embroidered vest. The great thing about custom vests is their versatility -- they can be worn over a long sleeve t-shirt or even a hoodie. And, if things get really cold, they can be another layer under a jacket.


Custom Logo Jackets Build Brand Recognition

Looking to make an impression? The more times customers (and prospective customers) see your logo, the more impressions you'll make. And that familiarity helps to build trust in your brand, whether you own a business, non-profit, sports team, or other organization.

So, not only will your custom jackets provide warmth, but they'll also provide valuable exposure for your business or cause.

And that's one of the reasons why many businesses and organizations will also sell custom logo jackets. This includes recreation brands (like resorts, country clubs, and ice rinks), sports teams (where jackets with a team logo are a great merchandise opportunity), and more. And the great thing about selling branded jackets is that your costs aren't just covered, but you'll often make a profit, too.

If you already have a pro shop selling branded merchandise, custom jackets are a great addition.


Custom Embroidered Outerwear Is the Layer People See

What good is a custom shirt when a jacket is being worn over it?

The only layer of clothing where a design can be seen is the outermost one, which makes custom outerwear the most practical place for your logo during the cold part of the year (or whenever there's cold weather, wind, or rain).

That's why when it comes to uniforms, employee jackets are an obvious choice. When each worker has their own jacket with your company logo, your organization will look that much more organized and professional. Doubly so because custom jackets are more of an investment than something like a screen-printed tee or even a polo. And, if a company is willing to invest in its team, they're going to seem that much more serious.

What kind of an impression do you want to make with your business? Do you want to look as reliable and trustworthy as possible? Do you want to inspire confidence? Uniform jackets could go a lot way in helping with that.


Proudly Selling the Best Corporate Jackets

At Bolt Printing, we insist on only carrying the best quality jacket brands -- Carhartt, The North Face, Sport-Tek, and Independent Trading Co, among others. And even our value brands like Port Authority are high quality jackets (just at a lower price -- and who doesn't like saving money?).


Because we want to create custom jackets people love! And when you start with great quality jackets, you're bound to get amazing quality logo jackets.

Now, you might be wondering if everything we have is awesome, why not just go with the lowest cost personalized jackets for your team? While that's still a good option, sometimes you want something a bit nicer. Especially since when you provide incredible quality custom jackets to your team members, they'll only need that one custom jacket because it'll last much longer. In a case of a custom Carhartt jacket, that personalized jacket might even be passed down several generations. While other jackets will hold up well -- and last many years -- they usually won't have the same rugged endurance as a Carhartt jacket.


Custom Employee Jackets That Fit Your Needs

As mentioned earlier, always keep in mind that jackets come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. The best custom jacket depends on how it'll be used.

While all jackets keep their wearer warm (or warmer than they would've been), some offer more warmth than others. And, for areas that are more cool than cold, really warm custom jackets probably aren't as essential and your focus might be more on protection from the elements.

That's why Bolt Printing carries a wide array of custom jackets, ranging from fleece jackets, softshell jackets, and windbreakers to heavier options like winter jackets and puffers, as well as specialized outerwear like embroidered rain jackets.


Fast Turnarounds on Custom Embroidered Jackets

Bolt Printing is more than just a name -- it's a commitment to lightning fast service (and quality more powerful than a thunderbolt!)

We're able to offer 2-day turnaround times on custom embroidered jackets, whether you're looking for rain coats, fleece jackets, or workwear. That means we're able to customize jackets with your logo faster than the vast majority of custom jacket companies.

But our process isn't only fast, it's also easy. Simply upload your logo directly to our online design studio, place it, and our team will take care of the rest.

And because we do everything in-house at our New England headquarters (located near NYC), we can create custom jackets much faster (and with less notice) than other jacket embroidery companies. So when you need fast custom jackets, all you need is Bolt Printing.


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