5 Custom T-shirt Design Tips

Our Commitment to ServiceHow to get the Most from your custom shirts


Getting the best value from your custom apparel involves more than just buying something for a great price.


After all, you can pay six-dollars for an eye-catching, memorable design that gets people talking or spend the same six-dollars on a bland, forgettable design. The choice is yours. 


The great thing about smart t shirt design is you can often make a design more effective WITHOUT spending anything extra (in fact, sometimes you'll save money). Even better? Many of these improvements are pretty easy to make!

Choosing the best custom clothing company#1 - Be bolder with your custom shirt design

Do you want a design that shouts at onlookers ("Hey! Look at me! I'm on this shirt!") or one that only whispers? By far the easiest change you can make is going with a much larger image. Not only does this make your custom design easier to see, but the individual elements are easier to identify.


You can also make bolder custom tees by reducing the amount of text in a design (so people will focus more on the rest) and increasing its size (to make it easier to see & read).

The #2 - Use strong contrasts -- like screen printing a black logo on a white t shirt 

Color choice matters -- a logo that strongly contrasts the shirt color is more likely to stand out and grab people's attention. In many cases, a single color with a strong contrast might be FAR more eye-catching than a multi-color design.


Popular choices include white ink on a black shirt, orange ink on a blue shirt, and bright yellow ink on a black shirt. 

A personalized approach to personalized apparel#4 - Choose your t shirt fonts wisley 

Fonts can sometimes make or break a shirt design. After all, what good is a message nobody can read?


Script fonts (ie, cursive) and other thin, intricate fonts can be illegible. If you use them, make the font as large as possible and limit yourself to just a few words in that font. And for any font, you'll want to go with larger, bolder letters to improve readability. 

We make customizing t-shirts easy#5 - Make an unforgettable custom tee by using an eye-catching graphic

Going with an instantly memorable graphic means you're much more likely to leave a lasting impression in people's minds.


By the way, resolution and even file format can play a big role in the quality of a graphic. Vector images provide greater crispness and clarity. Keep in mind what you see on your screen doesn't always look as good on a shirt. 

Our proof approval system ensures high-quality custom apparel

Remember: Your custom t shirts should hit viewers like a thunderbolt

When you follow these tips, you should wind up with a shirt design that'll immediately grab people's attention -- which is exactly what a custom tee should do. After all, if somebody only glances at your shirt for a split-second, you have to make that moment count.


Above everything else, you can't go wrong by keeping your custom design simple. The biggest mistake is often cramming too much information onto a t shirt, which can overwhelm and confuse viewers. When that happens, they're not likely to remember anything.   

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