Our Quality Control

Continual Process Improvement

People and processes working together.

Our #1 goal is to make you a happy customer!
Getting your order delivered on time accurately is the best way we can earn your loyalty.
There are many touchpoints when creating custom merchandise, opening the door to errors. We double-check and triple-check ourselves and each other to reduce the possibility of something going wrong. We continually fine-tune our internal processes and work collaboratively for the singular purpose of becoming your go-to company for custom-printed and embroidered apparel and accessories.


Each order is carefully reviewed by our customer service team. Before moving forward, we double-check pricing, inventory availability, trademark issues, and review any special requests made during checkout.  If we have questions or concerns, we'll contact you via email and/or phone calls to resolve any issues.

New orders are assigned to our expert production artists, who use their special skill sets to create the unique production files necessary for embellishment. Each embellishment method requires a specialized output of the artwork files.  Our proof process is extremely important and your help is needed to ensure we're all on the same page.  If you see anything highlighted in yellow, please pay special attention.  Remember: We won't begin production until your proof is approved.  We'll remind you with phone calls and emails to keep your order on schedule.

With an endless selection of styles, colors, and sizes, making sure your order has the correct quantity and sizes requires a triple check before embellishment. We get an early start each day sorting and organizing orders. Each order is counted twice before being released to "ready to go" status.


Screen Management and Imaging is the foundation for quality printing. Careful review of film positives before screens are burned is another opportunity to check our work.
Before embroidering your logo, we double-check that thread colors in your design are programmed and properly coordinated to each element.

Making sure the print is centered and colors are accurately registered requires attention to detail and adherence to standards in equipment operation. 


Once the garment is embroidered, it's off to finishing.  This is another checkpoint for quality and inventory count, as well as where trimming, folding, and steaming take place.
After the garment is printed, another quality check takes place where we double-check the image color, print location, and quality.  Our third inventory count is made here.
With everything boxed and ready to go, we perform a final check to make sure the weights are adding up correctly and double-check whether the addresses need special attention.
Last but not least. Delivery On Time.


Learn more about the process that Bolt Printing & Embroidery follows to assure Quality Guaranteed printing.