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Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, if you take a close look at the price comparison chart below, you might see how you could save hundreds of dollars by choosing Bolt Printing for your custom apparel needs.

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Custom InkRush Order Tees4imprintUber PrintsCustomized WearDiscount MugsAllied ShirtsBroken Arrow
Gildan T Shirt / 12 pcs$11.35$14.21$17.20Min. 18$12.47$17.20 (shipping included)$13.52 (incl $49 set-up)$18.90 (DTG only)$12.35
Gildan T Shirt / 96 pcs$5.80$6.87$9.03$7.07 ($40 set up)$6.87$8.45 (shipping included)$6.19 (incl $49 set-up)$12.24$6.79
Gildan Hoodie / 12 pcs$25.89$30.64$29.11$33.86 ($40 set up))$28.72$29.58 (incl shipping)$41.30 (incl $49 set-up)$35.13 (DTG only)$28.33
Gildan Hoodie / 96 pcs$20.34$21.77$25.54$19.08 ($40 set up)$21.11$19.60 (incl shipping)$27.29 (incl $49 set-up)$28.16 (DTG only)$21.80
Beanie / 12 pcs$12.80$27.55$24.57Minimum 2419.07$23.80 (incl shipping)Min 48/$17.64
Beanie / 96 pcs$6.60$13.19$10.78$10.05 ($40 set up)$10.91$9.49 (incl shipping)$12.06/$11.00
Richardson 112 / 12 pcs$18.20$33.89$29.35 (pattern only)Min 24$25.70$28.25 (incl shipping)//$25.41
Richardson 112 / 96 pcs$12.00$20.04$15.51 (Pattern only)$13.26 ($40 set up)$16.72$13.94 (incl shipping)//$21.57
No Set-Up Fees
Free Shipping
No Rush Charges
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*Gildan T Shirt (12 pcs) *No Set-Up Fees (-) *Gildan Hoodie (12 pcs) *Beanie (12 pcs) *Richardson 112 (12 pcs) Prices Updated Monthly. Last Update: 05-02-2024

Not all Custom T Shirt Printers are the Same

Bolt Printing is substantially less expensive (cheaper) than even some of the biggest names in the custom apparel industry. And, depending on what you’re ordering, that price difference can be huge. For example, if you saved $2.00 (two bucks) per printed t-shirt on 50 (fifty) shirts, that’s a $100.00 (one hundred bucks) saved.

How can we deliver outstanding quality at an affordable price? Simple -- we’re also a manufacturer. This means we own all of our own screen printing, digital printing, and embroidery equipment. With no middleman, we’re able to operate at a far lower cost because we’re not paying another company to handle those services for us.

Ont top of that, our company is built for efficiency -- we’ve spent more than a decade developing processes to take your order from start to finish as efficiently as possible and our team works very closely together. As a result, we’re able to provide top-notch quality, industry-leading service, and shockingly fast turnaround times while keeping our costs low...and then pass those savings along to you!

We don’t play games with prices -- because we don’t need to!

Bolt Printing believes in all-inclusive pricing. You won’t find any set-up fees, “rush order” fees, premium thread fees, or any number of hidden fees. Our low prices are 100% legitimate.

And if something does change, you’ll be alerted right away.

With our commitment to low, transparent pricing (where we don’t sacrifice speed, quality, or service), why would you want to shop anywhere else?

Sacrifice Nothing

There’s a natural assumption that if you’re getting something for a lot less, there’s some kind of trade-off. However, that’s not the case with Bolt Printing.

When it comes to quality, Bolt is as good or better than any other custom apparel company.

When it comes to speed, Bolt tends to be faster than most other screenprinters or embroiderers.

When it comes to service, Bolt cares a lot more about your order than other custom apparel companies.

The only difference is price -- by going with Bolt Printing, you’re saving a bundle.

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