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Custom Printed Tank Tops are a Fun Promotional Item

Bored of the same old custom t-shirts? Or maybe you want something a bit more athletic, but aren't interested in moisture-wicking tees?

Call them muscle shirts, bro tanks, shooter tanks, or simply sleeveless tees, not only are tank tops convenient for keeping cool, they can be a fashion choice, too. After all, what could be more casual than a custom shirt without sleeves?

One of the biggest advantages to custom tank tops is that they're so different. When's the last time you saw somebody giving away or even selling custom tanks? As such, it's definitely one way to make an impression -- and, because a person's closet might have fewer tanks, your custom tank top is more likely to be worn.

Of course, unlike custom tees, personalized tank tops won't work for everybody. Instead, they make sense within specific contexts.

When Custom Tanks are an Awesome Choice

Tank tops are most often used as athletic wear. They're something a person tosses on before playing basketball, hitting the gym, or going for a jog. (And yes, for casual wear, they can be a great alternative to a t-shirt, especially during the summer.)

Some great uses for customized tank tops include athletic clubs, community sports clubs, rec centers, police athletic league (PAL) activities, YMCAs, youth centers, charity runs, and more.

Athletic and fitness-related businesses can benefit as well -- after all, custom muscle shirts are a classic choice for gyms. Tank tops also work for yoga and other fitness instructors (and their students).

Have a business by the water? Custom tank tops can make a great work uniform. Not only do they look natural, but tanks will keep your workers cool. In particularly, customized tanks are a fantastic option for lifeguards, marina workers, water park employees, various outdoor services, and theme park workers.

In some cases, you can sell custom tank tops instead of just giving them away. Depending on how much your custom tank tops cost customers, you might be subsidizing your advertising (if you want to eat part of the cost for free exposure), getting free advertising (if you're just looking to cover costs), or it could even be an additional revenue stream (if you have a healthy profit margin).

For certain businesses, selling custom tank tops should be a no-brainer. Own a water park? They'd work great in a gift shop. Run an amusement park? Visitors might want their own tank tops with your park's logo.

(It's also worth remembering there are specific women's tank top styles (such as racerbacks and flowy tanks). Depending on your business and customers, a ladies tank top might work better. In other cases, it might make more sense to go with a unisex tank since a relaxed fit or standard fit will work for just about everybody.)

It's Easy to Stand Out with Custom Logo Tank Tops

What could be more eye-catching than a large design on a shirt? Custom logo tanks are great because they're simple -- just your logo on a tank top. There's nothing else to distract the viewer, such as a lengthy message, a phone number, etc.

But what goes into creating a custom logo tank top? Is it as simple as putting a logo on a tank top?

Yes. That's literally all there is to it. Like the name suggests, it's a custom tank top with a logo.

That's why designing a logo tank top is about as easy as it gets. All you have is upload your artwork into our design studio, move your custom logo roughly where you want it, and we'll do the rest. Seriously. It's just a few clicks. Couldn't be easier. In fact, you should try it by placing a custom tank top order sometime.

The other half of the process involves choosing your customizable garments. While quality, price, and style are obvious considerations, you'll also want to think about garment color. The perfect choice is a clothing color that your logo will pop against.

Why Custom Screen Print Tank Tops?

When customizing shirts, you usually have two options: either custom-printing or custom-embroidery. However, given the nature of a custom tank top -- where the material tends to be thin -- embroidery isn't practical.

Besides that, screen printing tank tops is a far easier method and allows you have large, gorgeous custom designs.

And for budget-conscious customers, a screen printed design is usually way cheaper than embroidery. In fact, if you stick to one color, the price might be SHOCKINGLY low. Don't believe me? Why not try experimenting in our online design studio and seeing the prices for yourself?

Looking for Cheap Custom Tank Tops? Don't Sweat the Decision, Just Order from Bolt Printing!

When it comes to buying custom tank tops online, there's no cooler choice than Bolt Printing. (And not just because we could out-Fonz the Fonz.)

We have a huge selection of customizable athletic wear, ranging from tank tops to moisture-wicking performance shirts. On top of that, our design studio makes it easy to create personalized tank tops with your custom design.

Our low prices, reasonable custom tank top minimum order size (just 12!), and free shipping have made us a top choice for anybody looking to customize tank tops... and our stellar quality ensures they come back time and time again. (Once somebody buys from us, they're often a customer for life.)

So, are you ready to design your own custom tank top?

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