Bolt Printing & Embroidery is Not a Middleman service

Bolt Printing & Embroidery is Not a Middleman service

From taking your call to shipping your package, Bolt Printing handles everything when it comes to custom t-shirts 

One of the questions we're frequently asked is, "Why are your prices so low?"

It's not because we sell low-quality products or embellishing practices.

There are only a handful of garment manufacturers in the world and about that same number when it comes to embellishment supplies (thread, ink, mesh, equipment, etc).

For the sake of comparison, let's look at Qty 24 Gildan Heavyweight T Shirt printed with black ink. If you were to purchase the same style from a competitor, what would the difference be? The shirt is the same - it could be they might use a different brand of ink (in a million years - you would never know the difference). But the output is the same, the shirt is the same, and the printing is black ink.  So why is their cost so much higher than ours?

The difference is Bolt Printing & Embroidery is a manufacturer.  There is no middleman service or marketing layer that adds to the cost of product.

Although we don't manufacture the garments, inks, or thread, we control all other aspects of  production: artwork preparation and output, screen management, printing, and embroidery in our own facilities.  

We're constantly fine-tuning and making new capital investments to ensure our ability to deliver on time a high quality product at the lowest cost possible (which is our everyday low price).

By doing the work with our own employees in our own facility utilizing equipment and technology that we own outright, we're able to pass on significant savings to our customers.