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Custom Embroidered Shirts

Custom Shirt Embroidery

Last Updated: 09-27-2021

Are you ready to order Custom Embroidery Designed Company Shirts?

Embroidery is a distinct and unique method of embellishment.  Embroidered polo shirts with logo design are brand builders. Commonly regarded as prestigious and professional, they are often worn by administrative personnel, sales teams and senior executives. In comparison to a screen printed polo; an embroidered polo carries a higher perceived value.

We want your custom embroidery designed company polo shirts to be worn with pride. Understanding the design and production process guides us to implement best practices and develop realistic expectations.

Embroidery has rules and limitations. Acceptance of the limitations works to your advantage, fighting them is a recipe for disappointment.

Let's Get Started.
Embroidery by definition is the art or process of forming decorative designs with machine needlework.


Our embroidery machines are computer controlled and specifically engineered for embroidery. We utilize a hooping system that holds the framed area of fabric taut under the sewing needles and moves it automatically to create a design from a pre-programmed digital embroidery pattern.

The embroidery pattern that directs the machine is created using specialized software by skilled production artists. This process is called digitizing and is the most important building block for everything that comes next.



Technical Limitations + Fabric Type + Garment Size

Variable factors that dictate what is possible.

Styling and design of logos that look best embroidered:


Bold and simplistic imagery in distinct colors.

A company name is not always necessary, especially when graphic elements carry the message. 

Technical Limitations


Physical boundaries are necessary to maximize legibility.

The smallest letter height for embroidery for it to be legible is .25" - .30"
The standard width of a left chest image on a polo is 3" - 3.5".

(if you are ordering small sizes, we suggest that you do not exceed 3")


See below how letter size effects line length, legibility and fabric style.


Textured / Pique Fabrics

Flat / Jersey Fabrics


Remember the standard width of a left chest logo when embroidered is 3" - 3.5" (4" pushes the boundaries, as it will look TOO big on smaller sizes).


When incorporating text in to your custom embroidery design, understanding the minimum letter height required and how this impacts line length, is often where potential issues arise.


Using one of the text examples above:
Scenario: a graphic or icon is placed at the beginning or end of the text line.

This will not work, because the width of the design is 4.8" .

(remember absolute max width is 4")



How to Resolve or Work Around:

Solution 1: Center the icon above the text line
Solution 2: Icon placed to the left. Text displays on two lines.
Risky Logo Design Examples:

Color changes and thin outlines with a single element are inherently challenging.

These are likely to fall out of alignment during production.


Tiny details, thin lines, dots and fonts with serifs are difficult to retain clarity during production this can be intensified on textured fabrics (e.g. pique or mesh)


If fine details and clarity are must haves; your design might be better suited for screen printing.

Finer details can be controlled more effectively with this method.


When in doubt, ask for help.

We want your new custom embroidery design company shirts to elevate your status. 

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