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Last Updated: 10-12-2021

T-Shirt Printing Standards


As if designing a shirt is not challenging enough, now let's learn about some print lingo that will definitely come in handy when placing your order with us.


Print Location is WHERE you want your design to be LOCATED on the shirt.  Often times customers think that because there are 2 pieces of art on let's say the front chest and the front bottom right, that this counts as 1 screen location but it doesn't.  2 locations = 2 separate screens, 3 locations (ex. front chest, back chest and sleeve print) = 3 separate screens.


Print Placement is the measurement used to determine the exact placement of the artwork.  Please note that there are some print locations that have "blind" placement.  These locations include the side seam and bottom hem areas.


Print Area - this term can be confusing so be careful not to use it in the wrong content when speaking to one of our customer service experts.  The print area is the dimensions of the PRINTABLE area on a garment.  Keep in mind that the print area might not take up the entire location.


Print Size is the exact measurements (width x height) of your art that is being printed in production.
full front screen tshirt placement
full screen print on back of tshirt
screen size and placement on tshirt left chest
tshirt side hem screen placement
tshirt side screen print placement
tshirt screen print placement on nape
tshirt screen print placement back bottom hem
short sleeve screen print placement
screen print on pocket tee
screen print on long sleeve tshirt
 T-Shirt Sleeve Designs is an excellent way for your print or message to be memorable.
Screen printed t shirt sleeves
 Often overlooked; custom t-shirts with sleeve printing provide a unique location for messaging.



With long sleeve t-shirt screen printing, this couldn't be more true.

Services, slogans, taglines, web addresses, even phone numbers are ideal.


For the best impact t-shirt design, 1 color print, bold font choice and simple messaging does the trick.


At Bolt, we follow this advice by adding our web address on the sleeve print design.


Our employees want to wear them.  Spreading the word, is what a custom printed t-shirt should do every time.

Custom t shirt sleeve printing

Custom T-Shirts with Sleeve Printing are


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