Types of Hat Closures

Types of Hat Closures

How does a hat stay on your head? A lot of the credit belongs to a tiny piece at the back referred to as a closure. And although most people will automatically think of one style when they hear "hat closure," there are others, too.


Here are four of the most popular hat closure types (and a fifth consideration), which can make a HUGE amount of difference when ordering custom hats.



4 Hat Closure Types


Snapback closure On a Richardson 112 Trucker hat

Snapback Hat Closure


A snapback cap offers a convenient snap locking system, ensuring your chosen setting won't change while wearing the hat. Although the level of adjustment may not be as precise as other options (or offer as much "give"), a snapback is an extremely durable, long-lasting closure. You'll often see these on trucker caps. 


Affordable snapbacks include:

Value Cap's Low-Cost Trucker Cap 


Nicer ones include:

The Richardson 112


Back of a velcro closure, the CP80 in Royal Blue



Hook & Loop Hat Closure (a.k.a. Velcro)


A hook-and-loop closure (such as Velcro) is more adjustable than a snapback -- letting you choose EXACTLY what you want -- but that setting can change while wearing the hat, gradually loosening. And, over time, a H&L will lose some of its sensitivity as the material begins to wear or debris (like dirt, dust, etc) sticks to the surface.


Affordable hook-and-loop caps include:

Six Panel Twill Cap (CP80)

Best Deal Dad Hat (BDDH)



baby blue VC300A hat


Self-Fabric with Buckle Hat Closure 


In terms of fit, a self-fabric with buckle closure falls somewhere between a velcro and a stretch. Like a velco, you have a great amount of adjustability -- but it's less prone to wear.


Affordable self-fabric with buckle caps include:

Garment-Washed Dad Cap




Stretch Fit hat backing, the Flexfit


Stretch Fit Hat Closure


A stretch fit -- like the FlexFit brand's FlexFit closure -- does the adjusting for you. The band will maintain a certain fit while wearing the hat. These hats are typically sold in sizes, unlike the other styles (which are more of a one-size-fits-most). 


Premium stretch fit caps include:

Nike Dri-FIT Mesh Back Cap


How to Figure Out Hat Size

Measurements for Flex-Fit 6227 as seen on BoltPrinting.com


Although hat sizes are great for offering a specific fit (improving both style and comfort), finding the right fit comes down to measuring the wearer's head. The obvious drawback is these hats are more personalized than the average custom hat -- meaning while they might be great for teams or employees (where you know everybody's size), they don't work as well for giveaways and any other time when a recipient's head size is unknown (which is when a one-size-fits-most hat makes more sense). 


Keep in mind a hat closure is only one decision you have to make when choosing the perfect hat. Here are some other considerations.


Ready to customize a hat? Be sure to check out our full hat collection -- you're bound to find something you love!