How to Design a Hat (Without Going Overboard)

How to Design a Hat (Without Going Overboard)

When it comes to custom hat design, less is more. After all, there's only so much space on a hat and, because the designs are smaller, they'll be harder to read -- and potentially make things incredibly uncomfortable for the wearer.


Imagine this: You're standing at a self-checkout wearing a custom hat and somebody seems to be just staring at your face. You don't know him, you aren't sure what's going on, and it's beginning to creep you out. And that's the kind of experience somebody wearing a hard-to-read hat can get.


Spare everybody some discomfort and aggravation by only featuring the most important information -- stuff that absolutely has to be seen -- on your custom hat. As a general rule of thumb, however much text you want on your hat, odds are you'd be better off with a third (or even a quarter) of that. (And, when you have way too much information, sometimes people won't even bother trying to read anything since it can either be overwhelming or start to blur together.)


What's the best kind of hat design? Usually just a company name and a logo. You could put your phone number on the back, too, but you don't want to do more than that.



What do these custom hat designs have in common? Simplicity. Each features just a logo and/or company name. They can be read at a glance, even from a distance -- with no awkward staring required.


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