How to Make Custom Embroidery Designs

How to Make Custom Embroidery Designs

Top Custom Embroidery Tips 


Following these simple design tips will help you to create an eye-catching custom embroidery design that will look great, communicate effectively, and save you $$$.


#1: Keep your embroidery design simple:

Use easy to read fonts. Avoid "fancy" or font designs with serifs.
Use simple graphics. Avoid complicated highly detailed images.


A basic graphic image + text will work best. Avoid information overload.
Small lines of text are often illegible when stitched. Think of basic brand awareness; not a phone book listing.

#2: Make sure your thread colors contrast your custom hat or shirt

For optimal viewing and legibility, choose a garment color combination that contrasts the color of your design.

Avoid using garment colors that are in the same color family as the colors in your image.

 *Pro-Design Tip: Consider how many thread colors you want to budget for when you create your embroidered design.


#3: Choose the right shirt fabric (ie, avoid performance fabrics):

Embroidered logos work best on woven fabrics (such as twill) and most knits (such as pique (ex. RL Polo Shirts)).  They don't work as well on lightweight cotton fabrics or performance fabrics.