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Last Updated: 05-14-2019

Which T-Shirt Should You Choose?

There's a bewildering array of fabric and t shirt style options out there. Finding one that works best for your designs can be a little daunting.

Before you choose a style of garment to print, think about what your end goal is. Is the shirt a promo item for marketing? Is it a product you want to to sell or maybe uniform wear for employees or students? Answering these questions will ultimately lead you to the perfect shirt just for you.

Here are some helpful tips to consider when deciding which type of garment best meets your needs.

Options To Consider

  • Are you purchasing shirts as a promotion or a give-away?
  • Are you purchasing uniforms for a business or a school?
  • Do you have a unique design, and want to resell the shirts?
  • Is staying cool in warm temperatures important?
  • What is the activity level of the person wearing the garment?

Knowing the what, who and why details helps narrow down your potential selections and makes finding the right choice garments for your project simpler. Here is a brief description showing which fabric and style options work best for each application and why.

Start by choosing the right blend of fabric.

Once you pick the right material you may also look up for the cut of the shirt. Basic cotton and DryBlend shirts such BD54, 5000, BD55 and 8000 will be most of the time on the boxy side (more lose). These will run true to size and some styles are a bit over-sized to accommodate the shrinkage which can be up to 5% on a 100% cotton tee shirts.

The Ringspun cotton shirts tend to be a retail style. Retail style shirts will be more fitted and sometimes a tad longer than the basic styles shirts. These also are on the more expensive side and usually the go-to style if you are starting a new tee shirts line. Important to keep an eye on the size chart since these styles won't be as true to size.

100% polyester shirts won't shrink and are mostly silky texture. These will require a specific method of printing and are not commonly used  as a everyday shirt. Perfect for high intensity activities, this shirts will keep your body dry longer than regular cotton and DryBlend shirts. Also on the more expensive end this type of fabric is not usually picked as a give away shirt.

Now that you have a closer idea of what type of shirt to pick, it's time to start designing your shirts.

Go on!