Design Tips
Last Updated: 07-09-2019

Use these pro tips when designing your next custom t-shirt.

Step 1: Prioritize Information
Information = Text.
Carefully consider the information you want to provide.
Too many details can be overwhelming.
Rank the information in order of importance.
#1: Top of the List is often:a company name or event name is commonly the most important information.

Step 2: Group Elements
Group similar elements together.
For example:
The most important information from Step 1 becomes a group.
A logo or a graphic elements become another group.
Secondary, less important information becomes another group.
Creation of 2-3 groups is what you are after.

Step 3: Order Sequence
Order sequence is top to bottom.
In this final step you will place the groupings created in Step 2.
See layout's below:

Most Important Information Leads.
Graphic Image is.centered below the Text.

Most Important Information Displayed First.
Information that is not as valuable is placed at the bottom.
Graphic Element is centered between the information elements.

Graphic Image is Considered Most Important.
Informational Text is centered below the image.

Design Examples:
Created using the same principles.