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Last Updated: 10-30-2018

For Great T-Shirts-Resolution and Image Quality are Vital

What separates a great logo or t shirt design from all the others? Planning, preparation using the best artwork image you can find. It takes a lot more than just doing a Google image search and downloading something you think will make good t-shirt design artwork.

Most images you find on Google, Bing or some other search engine are wrong for t-shirt printing artwork because the images are low resolution and in the wrong file format. Using them as part of your design will result in blurry, poor quality printing and a shirt that fails to project your message well.

Here are some tips for creating great designs and a primer on t-shirt printing artwork specifications. You will see what goes into creating a design that works for you and learn what to and where to look for to get great t shirt design artwork.

What are the properties of the best artwork image for printing?

The first step to creating a great t-shirt design is deciding what kind of t-shirt printing artwork you want. Here are some of the basic t-shirt printing artwork specifications your image must meet to create a quality design. To put your design on a shirt, bag or cap, printing artwork file type and printing artwork resolution is key to crafting a message that works.

T-shirt design artwork and file types.

Two file types work best when printing a t-shirt design. T-shirt design artwork should be downloaded as a portable network graphics file, PNG or as an Encapsulated Postscript vector file to guarantee the image produces crisp, sharp printed t-shirt designs.

Printing Artwork Resolution

For printing, artwork high resolution is a must. Resolution refers to the number of pixels or dots per inch (DPI). How big the finished image will be has a bearing on the needed resolution for quality work. The image to be printed should be 300 pixels per inch to create a design with sharp, clear lines and colors that stand out.

Finding Great t shirt Design Artwork

Now you know the file types to look for and understand that quality results stem from quality images. Producing a design with high impact means for artwork high resolution is key. It is not likely you will find it free on Google image search. Start your search on Pixabay, Flickr or paid sites like Vector Graphics.