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3 Tips for High Quality Custom T-Shirts

Custom T-Shirt Ideas

Last Updated: 09-27-2021
When adding your custom design, always remember your Design Do's and Don'ts for the best T-Shirt Design Ideas



Tip #1: Opposites Attract


Choosing contrasting ink colors is vital. For best results remember these rules:

  • Bright Shirts: Choose Dark Image Colors.

  • Dark Shirts: Choose Light Image Colors.















Tip #2: Make An Impact

Image and text should be bold and fluid. Here's how:

  • Look at your design as a whole, not as separate parts.

  • Make sure all elements work well together and stand out.



Tip #3: Keep It Minimal


Say No to TMI (Too Much Information):

Your t-shirt design shouldn't be reading material.


The best strategy is to showcase the reasons that make you better or different (stated as simply as possible) so it's easy for anyone to get what you are trying to convey in a nano-second.

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