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T-Shirt Design Tips

Design Tips

When it comes to designing high quality custom printed tshirts, simple is best. The more complex the design, the harder it is to print legibly. There is value in minimalist tshirt design because it saves you the time of resubmitting a new design and the money charged to recreate a tshirt design so that it's easier to read and recognize.

Clean, Simple Designs Print Best

If you want tips on saving money, select an image and font that looks good on any color of tshirt. That way, you can order whichever style you like best without limiting yourself. It's the rule of basic color theory to choose complementary or contrasting colors. For example, black lettering on lighter tshirts and white lettering on darker tshirts.

Make Good Use of Free Tools and Resources While Designing Your Tshirt

Rather than spend money on an expensive graphic designer, opt to use our free online tshirt design on saving money. It provides you with an easy-to-use resource to create an outstanding shirt design for your sports team, company picnic, charitable event, or school fundraiser. It doesn't matter if you're hosting a family reunion with your kin from out of state or a softball tournament. You'll have a tshirt that everyone can wear with pride.

Learn How Easy It is to Create Designs and Order New Shirts in the Future

Saving money while creating a design that stands out takes skills. It requires knowledge about basic color theory and minimalist tshirt design. Once you've created your first successful tshirt design with us, you won't have any issues creating new ones in the future.

You'll know what it takes to design a tshirt with a clear and thoughtful message on it. You can then use it to reward, promote, inform, educate, entertain, or persuade. People seeing your shirts will respond to them in a favorable way because of the incredible design you created for your business, special event, or program

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