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Last Updated: 09-27-2021

Use these pro tips when designing your next custom t-shirt.


Step 1: Prioritize Information

Information = Text.

Carefully consider the information you want to provide.

Too many details can be overwhelming.

Rank the information in order of importance.

#1 Top of the List: a company name or event name is usually the most important information.


Step 2: Group Elements

Group similar elements together.

For example:

The most important information from Step 1 becomes a group.

A logo or graphic elements become another group.

Secondly, less important information becomes another group.

You'll usually want to create 2-3 groups.


Step 3: Order Sequence

The order sequence is top to bottom.

In this final step you will place the groupings created in Step 2.



See the following layout examples:

Most Important Information Leads.

Graphic Image is centered below the Text.

The Most Important Information Displayed First.

Information that is not as valuable is placed at the bottom.

A Graphic Image is centered between the information elements.

Graphic Image is Considered Most Important.

Informational text is centered below the image.


Design Examples:
Created using the same principles.

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