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Logo Design Process

Minimalist Logo Design

Last Updated: 09-27-2021



One common question we get from first-time customers is how to design an appealing logo that gets the message across in a clear and concise manner.

At Bolt Printing, our team of experts is happy to offer logo design tips. Together with our design tool and website, you can create artistic logo designs that help build your brand story.

If you're creating your own logo from scratch, we have a few helpful tips to make your custom printed t-shirt look amazing. Small business owners, churches, and charity event shirts all have one thing in common - logos! 





In the above image, you can see two different restaurant logo designs. One is very strong while the other has many marketing errors.


The logo on the left uses powerful imagery. Although the image is powerful, it's too strong -- distracting from the name of the restaurant. This is a common, but fixable mistake. As seen in the logo on the right, simple elements and low color accounts are soothing to the eyes. The name of the restaurant carries equal weight and is more noticeable at first glance.


The variations of color make the restaurant logo design on the left very expensive to print. By comparison, the right logo will have lower costs.


At Bolt Printing, we are more than just t-shirt printers, we're passionate experts focused on quality and lower cost. We save you the extra dollar while making you look good!



Key to Great Logos: Minimalist Logo Designs


When designing a logo for your brand.

Follow the #1 Rule: Keep It Simple


Simple Is Power.

When something is simple, it's quickly understood, easily remembered, and less expensive to reproduce.


A great logo tells the story of the brand and if done well becomes an icon. Think of companies whose logos have become icons: Adidas, Disney, Facebook, Nike, Pepsi, and Twitter. All of these brands have mastered the art (pun intended) of simplicity.


Stay on the minimalist logo design track by considering these suggestions:


* Choose 1 or 2 Contrasting Colors that do not touch for your design. The old saying "Opposites Attract" definitely rings true here. Incorporating this strategy will help your brand to stand out from your competition. Colors that touch or blend together are more difficult to print, and have the potential for quality issues during reproduction. By following this suggestion, you can anticipate year over year savings to your bottom line. 1-2 color designs are less expensive to reproduce on promotional or marketing materials, especially on your custom printed t-shirts.


* Avoid: Intricate Design Details & Use of Multiple Font Styles. Doing this creates more work for the person looking at your design -- if there's too much going on, it becomes overwhelming and difficult to follow. Remember, customers come to you to solve their problems. Make it easy for them to understand what you do and how you can help them.


* Make sure your personal logo design will look great printed different sizes based on t-shirt design dimensions. Pay close attention to legibility when the image is small.


* If you've hired a graphic designer to create your logo, request the native vector EPS file and save it in a safe place (you'll need special software to open this type of file - it is not necessary for you to purchase or open the file). Most printers will request a vector file, because it will (if prepared correctly) result in a better finished print.



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