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Design Tips

Minimalist T-Shirt Designs

Simple and Easy T-Shirt Designs

Last Updated: 09-27-2021
Custom t shirt layout easy on the eyes


How to Create Iconic T-shirt Designs

Do you want to create a good t-shirt design? Here are a few tips that will make a big difference. Some of the greatest and most memorable designs are very minimalistic. Really effective designs create a powerful impact and generate instant brand recognition by incorporating a simple graphic with contrasting colors and easy to understand fonts. The result is great looking and memorable t-shirts. One of the most powerful brands that almost everyone on the planet recognizes is Nike. The iconic swoosh and the simple name are easily identified and recognized.

A minimalist t-shirt design is a powerful way to send a message. A simple t-shirt design is eye-catching and easy to understand at a glance. Classic t-shirt designs, like the iconic I Heart NY or the often-humorous I'm With (insert your favorite pronoun) shirts, are instantly recognizable because they feature simple artwork with a powerful impact. Your designs can be just as powerful with a little planning and preparation.

Think about what you want to say.

Start by thinking about what you want to accomplish. Before you look for a simple artwork design, choose fonts, and craft a design for printing, think about what you really want to say. Your t-shirts must have a purpose or goal to accomplish. Are you announcing a special event? Promoting brand recognition for your business?

Once you decide what you want to accomplish, try to condense it down to one single image and one short text passage. Include relevant web addresses and business phone numbers to encourage a positive response.

Think about how the image and text work together to share your message. Decide what color shirts you like and, once you have the concept clear in your mind, make a quick sketch to help you stay focused while you look for t-shirt design photos and font styles.

What makes a design effective?

Your goal is to create an easy t-shirt design that grabs attention and conveys your message at a glance. Here are some tips for creating simple t-shirt printing designs that are both effective and eye-catching to get your message seen and shared. An award-winning t-shirt design is easy to see and understand. Make your t-shirts stand out with good t-shirt design dimensions and placement, careful use of contrasting colors, and easy-to-read fonts.


Simple is Better

Do a little research before you begin creating a design. You'll find lots of beautiful artwork that looks great on the screen but totally fails as a t-shirt design. Don't go for a graphic that is too busy, has hard to read fonts, or is placed in a way that isn't easy on the eyes. Look for a minimalist graphic design with three or fewer colors that sends a clear message.

Keeping your design simple will make your brand more memorable and identifiable. Another benefit; the simpler your logo design is: the more you will save when you are ready to purchase your custom print t shirts. (Shirt color, print colors and quantity are huge drivers of cost). So keeping it simple will not only build your brand, but is also a money-saving hack.

Use Contrasting Colors

The smiley face icon shirts are a great example of simple and effective design. The image leaps out at you and sends an instantly recognizable message with no words at all. It creates impact using only yellow and black. Simple t-shirt printing designs with only a few contrasting colors offer a double benefit. 



Don't display Email Addresses or Street Addresses.

If you're using your t-shirt as a uniform or company t-shirt think of the scenario when a potential customer sees someone wearing your shirt. Chances are they're not standing by with a notepad and pen to jot down a bunch of information. At the moment they see you wearing the shirt, they may not even know they need your product or service. So make sure to display your logo and the web address. Speaking of the web address: use smart punctuation to make the web site easy to remember (example above or ours: is harder to read then - both take you to the same place as punctuation will not effect your web address - but use of proper capitalization can help people remember you).

Other Important Elements should be added when applicable: Taglines / Phone Numbers / List of Services / Locations of Service


Custom apparel benefit of having less information


In the example above:

The design on the left resmembles something you'd see on letterhead or stationary - exactly what you don't want to do.

A tagline for both would be helpful, because it is not clear exactly what this company does -- do they make floral arrangements? Do they provide gardening services? Is it a club for young women? Leave nothing to chance. Tell the story in a few words with a clever slogan or even a funny saying.


A phone number can be included if you provide everyday household services in a local area (such as auto repair, electrical work, plumbing, or landscaping).

In some cases, you may want to mention your services or product offerings. Great examples include general contractors, hvac, handymen, restaurants, or delis.

If your location matters, identify the city/town or general region.


We want your custom print shirts to make a positive difference for you :)



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