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Money Saving Hacks: Making a T-Shirt Design

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Last Updated: 09-27-2021


  • Stick to the basics.  Solid 100% Cotton printed t-shirts that do not call out "ring-spun" will not be as soft but will be more affordable. Shirts made with this type of fabric are the most commonly used for basic custom printed cotton t-shirts because of the lower cost. (Check out our Best Deals category)


  • Keeping your t-shirt design simple will make your brand more memorable and identifiable. The simpler your clothing logo design is, the more you will save when you are ready to purchase your custom printed t shirts.


  • Print Location is something else to keep in mind.  It's creative to have different logo designs in various locations of the shirt like a sleeve print but remember that a screen print in one location, like the front chest will be the most cost effective.


  • Shirt color, print colors and order quantity are huge drivers of cost. White color t-shirt is the most inexpensive.  And a one color print will cost you much less than a multi-color screen print.  So keeping it simple will not only build your brand, it's a money saving hack.


At Bolt Printing, we are more than just t-shirt printers, we are passionate team members focused on quality and lower cost. Saving you the extra dollar, and making you look good while doing it. 


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