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Last Updated: 09-27-2021


One of the most important things to consider when creating your printed t-shirt design is font selection. T-shirt font design selection and usage really does make a difference. One great way to keep your eye on the prize and leave everyone thinking you're a genius is to look at the design as a whole and to create a great t-shirt text design that makes a powerful statement

In the above examples, you can see the difference when the text design is created as pieces, instead of a finished graphic.



In the case of the first design (on the left), when you look at each line individually, it makes sense the font choices are different. But seeing and appreciating the thought behind the design takes time and thought to truly get it.  When you first look at the t-shirt design, your eyes fight between "gets" and "wild" - kind of going up and down between the two lines - as you try to make sense of it before they wander down to the "21st Birthday" line and by that time it becomes tiring. Samantha is lost on the top line.  When the average person views a t-shirt, they're going to glance at the design quickly. If the design is too overwhelming, the message is missed and any potential impact is lost.

The second design (center) was simplified by choosing two fonts that complement each other. I really liked the tiled letters so I wanted to keep them. The letters inside the tiles are a serif style, so I selected a simpler font with serifs for use on the other lines of the design. Now, when I look at the design, my eyes start at "wild" and then go up to the top line and read down. The bottom line 21st Birthday is lost here, but it's still an improvement because the revised font t-shirt design is easier to follow and makes sense pretty quickly.

The third design (right) is showing optimal font usage. It's a simple, bold t-shirt font design - easy to read from a distance. I kept the emphasis on the word "wild" as that was the most important element for this text design.  However, I could've selected any other line and increased the size as I did with "wild" if that was what mattered most to me.  By using a single font and emphasizing a single line, my eyes are able to understand the message quickly and easily. All 4 lines are recognized and the person who sees the shirt for even a nano-second is able to understand and recognize the meaning behind the shirt.

When you create a t-shirt font design that is simple, the message is straightforward and easy to comprehend while also allowing for the best opportunity to be memorable and make an impact.

Have Fun, Enjoy the Process, and find your own Best Fonts for Logo Designing!!

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