What Unisex Means in the World of Custom T-Shirts

What Unisex Means in the World of Custom T-Shirts


This is a super common question we are asked when we talk to customers who are designing a custom shirt.

When we talk about unisex clothing, especially in the context of custom t-shirts, it’s important to clarify what we mean by "unisex" versus "mens". Here’s our take on it:

Women commonly wear men's shirts. It's pretty much an accepted norm in fashion. When a woman wears a men's t-shirt, it generally isn’t seen as out of place. In fact, many women opt for men’s cuts for a more relaxed fit or for styling purposes. These shirts are often seen as gender-neutral, fitting into the category we label "unisex."

But what happens when the roles are reversed? If a man wears a women's cut shirt, the difference becomes noticeable. Women's shirts are typically tailored differently, with a focus on different body shapes and fitting styles. This contrast makes it apparent that the shirt is from the women’s section.

However, at Bolt, we don't pass judgment on these choices. Fashion is about expression and comfort. If a man feels comfortable and happy wearing a women's cut shirt, we say go for it! The essence of fashion lies in breaking boundaries and expressing individuality.

To sum it up, there's no real difference between "men’s" and "unisex" when it comes to custom t-shirts. The term "unisex" is simply a more inclusive way to describe designs that can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender. It’s about celebrating fashion without limitations and encouraging everyone to wear what makes them feel good.

Remember, fashion is a personal statement—unisex or not.

How Does a Unisex T-Shirt Fit?

True to their name, unisex shirts are designed to fit all kinds of body shapes (and if a shirt fits a body type poorly, you could either go up (or down) a size).
This means they tend to have a boxier look -- since that's more accommodating for a variety of body types. Rather than accentuate a person's curves, unisex tees tend to hide them. 

How Do Unisex T-Shirt Sizes Work? 

The big advantage to customizing unisex shirts is they can make ordering a lot easier because your focus just needs to be on size and, when in doubt, a person can wear a larger size.
For example, if you were ordering custom t-shirts for a group, you'd probably focus on medium and large-size shirts (unless you specifically know you'll need sizes larger than that). However, if you were specifically ordering custom women's shirts, too, you'd likely need to ask for everybody's sizes. 

What are Custom Gender-Neutral T-Shirts?

It's worth mentioning that unisex shirts can go other names, too. In recent years, the term "gender-neutral shirts" has been catching on. You may also hear custom gender inclusive t-shirts, custom ungendered shirts, or custom non-binary t-shirts. However, all of these are still unisex shirts. 
Again, customized unisex t-shirts are for everybody. Although it's going to be the favored style for guys, they aren't just custom men's t-shirts. All kinds of people can wear these tees and look great in them.