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Why Choose a Custom Carhartt Jacket?

If your team does outdoor work in rugged environments, you'll want durable custom jackets every bit as tough as they are. And, when it comes to custom workwear, few companies are on Carhartt's level. After all, if you're thinking about popular brands of outdoor workwear, who do you compare them to?

In terms of rugged workwear, an embroidered Carhartt jacket is probably your best bet. The brand is known for its high quality and willingness to stand behind its products. When you buy custom Carhartt jackets, you know you're getting something that'll stand up to the elements.

The other great thing about Carhartt jackets is the huge amount of variety. No matter what you're looking for -- water protection, wind resistance, warmth, breathability, and so on -- you're bound to find it.

From a company branding standpoint, custom Carhartt outerwear makes a lot of sense because the outer layer is the one everybody sees. You can distribute amazing custom work shirts, but if nobody can see them under a jacket, you're losing out.

On top of everything else, Carhartt jackets can last practically forever. This means it can be a one-time investment that lasts a really, really, REALLY long time.

Embroidered Carhartt Jackets are Long-Lasting

Carhartt workwear is known for its durability -- so much so that the company actually sells used Carhartt jackets and other clothing. The same custom Carhartt jackets you buy today for your workers could be worn by those employees thirty or forty years from now... and might even wind up passed on to a child or grandchild who may someday work for your company.

This is a huge thing that's always set Carhartt clothing apart from the competition, going all the way back to when Hamilton Carhartt founded the company. Hamilton Carhartt started his business by making overalls (more specifically the iconic Carhartt bib overalls) for railroad workers -- a rugged, dirty job where durability was a big deal -- and expanded to other blue collar occupations (and even produced clothing for soldiers during World War II). Today, you can get custom Carhartt apparel for just about any rugged job -- including several that Hamilton Carhartt likely never imagined!

When going for long-lasting custom Carhartt jackets, you'll want to stick with embroidery. A custom-embroidered Carhartt jacket will keep its company logo a lot longer than a printed one -- in fact, that's why we insist on ONLY embroidering Carhartt jackets, vests, fleece, and more.

Buying Carhartt Jackets With Company Logo

Most of the time when people order custom Carhartt jackets, they keep things simple by going with an embroidered company logo at the left-chest. However, that's hardly the only place you can add a logo to your embroidered Carhartt jackets.

Another popular location is nape of the neck. This makes a business logo easily visible when the worker is turned around.

Many companies also go for sleeve designs. In the case of one company sponsoring another -- such as buying uniform jackets for that company's team members -- the sponsor might have their logo on a sleeve while the company being sponsored will have a left-chest logo.

However, not everybody goes for just a custom company logo. The American flag is an extremely popular choice for an embroidered sleeve design. (Note: When putting an American flag on a sleeve, always keep the canton -- a.k.a. the star field -- facing to the front, like the flag is being carried into battle)


A Custom Carhartt Vest Offers Versatility

There are a lot of options besides custom Carhartt jackets. One of the most interesting might be a custom embroidered Carhartt vest, which can be used as an inner layer in very cold weather or as a piece of custom Carhartt outerwear when it's only slightly chilly.

Much like a jacket, the best customization area on a custom work vest is the left chest (since sewing machines can't embroider a custom logo over a zipper and the left side is the universally-preferred style).

As with embroidered Carhartt jackets, vests have a lot of options. Want warmth? The Gilliam Vest features nylon lining quilted to 100-gram polyester insulation. Added comfort? A custom Carhartt Duck Vest features 100% ring-spun cotton duck canvas, offering a great feel with a classic look. Rain protection? Both the custom Gilliam Vest and embroidered Duck Vest feature Rain Defender® durable water repellent, helping to keep your core dry.


We're Carhartt Jacket Custom Embroidery Experts

When investing in custom jackets -- especially custom Carhartt jackets -- you want somebody you can trust. And that's why you want Bolt Printing.

Because we understand the value of an honest day's work, Bolt Printing believes in fair prices (a.k.a. the honest dollar). That's why Bolt charges less than many of the most high-profile custom clothing companies DESPITE the fact our quality and service is either on par or better than theirs. On top of that, we offer customers AMAZING turnaround times -- meaning you won't have to wait long for your embroidered Carhartt jackets (since you have your own customers who need things done on time).

Besides embroidering custom Carhartt jackets, we create all kinds of other custom gear. This includes other custom workwear -- such as hats, beanies, shirts, and hoodies -- as well as a wide selection of non-workwear, for when you're more concerned about price than durability (ie, custom t-shirts instead of custom work shirts).

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