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Popular Styles: Fleece-lined, Water-Repellent, and Wind-Resistant

Why Embroider a Custom Soft Shell Jacket?

Jackets come in all shapes and sizes, offering different advantages whether it be warmth, weather protection, or even style. Among these, soft shell jackets fill a particular niche, in that they tend to be great during mild weather.

So although custom soft shell jackets might not be the best choice in a blizzard, they'll keep you relatively dry during a drizzle and warm on your morning jog. They're great as a layer or on their own. And soft shell jackets are good for a variety of customers.

You might be wondering why you should embroider soft shell jackets instead of choosing to screen print soft shell jackets. The answer is simply a matter of logistics.

Screen printing works best with a perfectly flat surface. Although the exterior of a soft shell jacket is flat, these jackets tend to have a lining which means there's a small amount of texture that can get in the way of a screen print.

On top of that, there's also the matter of the zipper, which splits the design area on a customizable soft shell jacket in half. For that reason, the most sensible -- and popular -- customization is a left-chest logo. And whether you're printing or embroidering logo softshell jackets, left-chest logos tend to be small (meaning that, besides saving money, there isn't as much advantage to screen printing logo softshell jackets).

So, when considering those factors, an embroidered logo just makes more sense.

Benefits of Custom Embroidered Soft Shell Jackets

As previously mentioned, custom softshell jackets serve a LOT of purposes.

If you have an outdoor business -- such as a landscaping company -- you might buy custom soft shell jackets for your employees as uniforms. For something like a tech business, you could give embroidered soft shell jackets to clients.

Other companies might sell their custom soft shells instead, particularly if the business involves outdoor athletic activities.

For sports teams, logo soft shells can be merchandise for fans.

Charities, schools, and non-profits might sell custom softshells and other jackets during fundraisers.

In general, custom softshell jackets are useful for whenever you need warmth and functionality, since they offer some protection from the elements (including wind and rain), have breathability, are extremely comfortable, and by choosing to add branding means they can look professional, too. They're a great way to promote a business (or brand), make workers identifiable (while keeping them protected), and more.

Soft Shell Jacket Custom Embroidery

As mentioned, the best option for embroidering soft shell jackets is a left-chest design. However, that's not your only choice.

The nape of a soft shell jacket is another popular area, and is a tasteful spot for an added customization. It's potentially a great location for attracting attention.

Beyond that, you'll just want to make sure you choose a sensible size for your logo. A 3" x 3" logo looks great on a custom soft shell jacket, but a 5" x 5" logo is huge and a 1" x 1" logo would naturally be hard to see. As a general rule, we suggest staying somewhere between a 2.5" x 2.5" logo and a 3" x 3" logo. This ensures that the logos are easy to see, but not overpowering.

Best Embroidered Soft Shell Jacket

So, what's the best custom soft shell jacket?

There are a LOT of brand choices -- Columbia, Eddie Bauer, Spyder, Timblerland, Helly Hensen, and more -- but there are a few brands we feel stand above the rest (which is why, out of the countless softshell brand choices, they're the ones we carry).

Arguably the best soft shell jacket brand is North Face. Although the company developed a massive following for its puffer jackets (so much so that those jackets were nearly omnipresent at middle and high schools for a while during the 90s), all its jackets are of a superior quality and will help you stay warm whether you're walking along the street or on the ski slopes.

Of course, with great quality can come great expense, and North Face might be outside of some people's budgets. Luckily, there are more affordable custom soft shell jacket choices.

Port Authority in particular has a solid reputation for making budget-friendly jackets that don't feel low budget (whether you're looking for softshells or hooded jackets with interior pockets). The company is known for delivering a strong value.

When it comes to workwear -- and more specifically work soft shell jackets -- the top choice is definitely Carhartt, which is a brand synonymous with quality, durability, and working-class style. In fact, Carhartt's stylish workwear has a look that's even caught on as a fashion choice.


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