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Why Choose Printed Workwear?

Although custom workwear has obvious benefits for a wide array of businesses -- including landscapers, plumbers, electricians, handymen, and other organizations -- less obvious might be the choice between going with screen printed workwear versus embroidered work uniforms.

While screen printing and embroidery each have their advantages, sometimes the better option can come down to the type of apparel. Embroidered work shirts, for instance, may look great, but screen printed custom work shirts are a lot less expensive, which is important when your employees work in conditions where shirts might get damaged or ruined.

However, both printing and embroidery can accomplish many of the same results. They can serve as work uniforms, giving your team a professional appearance and making your company look organized (and therefore more trustworthy). And they provide an extremely functional form of advertising -- after all, anybody who drives by a job site or sees one of your workers making a stop for lunch, running an errand, etc, will likely notice your company logo.


The Value of Custom Work Shirts

T-shirts have traditionally been the workhorse of custom apparel -- they're low-cost, have space for a LARGE logo, and can be worn in a variety of conditions. And all of those things remain true for custom workwear.

For many companies, screen printed work shirts make a lot of sense. During the warmer months, your employees can wear them without getting too hot. The shirts can serve as custom work uniforms, making your team members easily identifiable (which helps to avoid misunderstandings with neighbors).

Perhaps the most practical choice for customized work shirts are pocket t-shirts. You can put your company logo above the pocket (since Carhartt, the best brand for custom workwear, tends to have their logo at the top of the pocket) and then have a much larger design on the back.

(Note: Screen printing allows us to customize workwear with long-lasting designs. It's not to be confused with something like a heat transfer, which isn't nearly as durable.)

Custom Work Hoodies for the Colder Months

While custom work shirts are great for summer, during the colder times of the year (or if you work in a colder region), you may want something a bit warmer.

The highest-end solution would be jackets, but those can be cost-prohibitive. A more affordable option is work hoodies and work sweatshirts. However, the decision can really come down to the number of employees you have. For instance, buying custom workwear for twelve people is going to look very different than buying workwear for ninety-six. (Meaning a price difference as small as an additional $5 each could either be an extra $60 on your order or an added $576 -- one is a relatively small additional cost while the other might make you think. And, while you're thinking, consider the difference between a custom hoodie and a jacket is usually a lot more than $5.)

A custom work hoodie is warm enough for a lot of activities. Not to mention you gain a LOT more design space when screen printing. Your company logo could be huge enough that somebody would make it out from across a parking lot.


Custom Carhartt Hoodies Are a Cut Above the Rest

Do you believe in doing average work or great work? If you're focused on growing your company and wowing your customers, odds are you (and your team) believe in the value of hard work and doing things the right way. So, why would you settle when it comes to custom workwear?

Carhartt is widely recognized as being one of the best workwear manufacturers -- and many people would insist they're a best. While you'll sometimes hear other names in the conversation -- such as Dri Duck or even Dickies -- it's often in relation to Carhartt because the company often serves as the measuring stick within the workwear industry.

That's why when you buy a Carhartt custom hoodie or work sweatshirt, you know you're getting quality. You know that you'll have an outfit that'll handle the day-to-day rigors of your work. Carhartt workwear is also noted for having an excellent fit (some might even say a perfect fit), whereas certain other brands might be too small for hard-working men and women.


Don't Wait for Custom Logo Work Shirts, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts

At Bolt Printing, we know you work hard for your customers, so we take your orders seriously. That's why when you need something fast, we get it to you fast -- in fact, we offer next-day turnarounds on certain screen printed workwear (and for everything else, we'll work with you on a time-frame).

And we're more than just fast -- Bolt Printing offers the best products at the right price for your budget (or, in many cases, our amazingly low prices may help you come in under budget). On top of that, we have a robust quality control process and an incredible quality guarantee that we 100% stand behind (because, just like your company, we take pride in our work -- in fact, we care a LOT!)

So, when you need custom workwear (or any custom work uniforms) -- whether it's Carhartt custom sweatshirts, hoodies, or or even just custom work shirts with company logo -- Bolt Printing has you (and your team) covered. Oh, and we carry embroidered workwear, too -- including work hats, jackets, beanies, and more.

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