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Oh, the Things You Can Custom Embroider!

When you hear custom embroidery, what immediately jumps to mind? While many people's first thought is polos, button-ups, or hats, there are many, many more custom-embroidered products out there.

For example, did you know you could embroider blankets? How about aprons? What about scarves? And then there are the countless things you might expect -- like jackets, bags, beanies, fleeces, sweatshirts, hoodies, and even t-shirts.

However, yes, SOME embroidered items are more popular than others.

Custom Embroidered Logo Hats Are an Easy Way to Stand Out

What's an easy way to ensure your logo stands out in a crowd? Put it on somebody's head!

Even when people are packed like sardines, their heads -- and whatever is being worn on them -- are usually still going to be visible. It's the one part of a person's body that's unlikely to be obstructed. And, given that humans (as social animals) are naturally inclined to look towards a person's face, they're very likely to notice a custom logo hat or other customized headwear.

On top of that, custom-embroidered caps are a great promotional item. They're seen as more of a premium item during giveaways and something that people are more likely to use. (Plus, hats are far more of a one-size-fits-all option.)

Of course, you don't have to just give away your custom logo caps -- you could sell them to customers, too! This is a popular choice for bands, entertainers, and sports teams looking to grow their brand, as well as businesses like bars, amusement parks, and gyms.

Custom Embroidered Uniforms Are Important for Company Branding

How do you usually tell the difference between employees and customers/patrons? Have you ever been tormented by the prospect of asking the ever-awkward, "Do you work here?"

Although clothing is a great form of personal expression, everybody wearing their own style can be confusing in restaurants, stores, and other businesses. And that's just one reason why custom uniforms are so valuable.

Uniform embroidery doesn't need to be complex, either -- all you might need to do is embroider a business logo on a polo or other shirt. And that's it -- that could be your entire employee uniform!

How much does it cost to embroider a logo? Usually less than you think. And considering how long a custom embroidered logo lasts (and the uniform itself, for that matter), it's a pretty small investment.

But why is custom uniform embroidery so important? Because presenting a consistent image is vital for any brand. It makes your business look more organized and professional (even if you're often doing things on the fly). You're more likely to be taken seriously and trusted as a result.

The Benefits of Getting Company Polo Shirts Embroidered

When it comes to work uniforms, custom polos are often the best choice. There are few kinds of businesses where embroidered polos look out of place. A restaurant? Perfect. An office? Great. A call center? Absolutely ideal. A gym? Sure, at the front desk. A hotel? Practically made for it. A marina?, maybe for the office staff. Anyway, there are countless places where embroidered work polos are amazing and very few businesses where they wouldn't be a great choice.

As for the polo embroidery itself, your essential customization placement is at the left-chest. You can just stick with that one embroidery placement and your polos will look perfect (or polo-fect). However, if you want something a little fancier -- either to make your workers easier to recognize or show that your business is more prestigious -- there's also sleeve embroidery and nape embroidery.

Other Uses for Custom Polo Shirts With Logo Embroidered

Although embroidered polos are often associated with work outfits, they can be more than just uniforms.

Custom-embroidered polo shirts can be used to show solidarity within a group, which makes them a popular choice for social clubs. They're also great branding for high-end recreation businesses, like country clubs, golf clubs, and tennis clubs.

Local government officials may enjoy them as well. They're great matching shirts for city council members or some departments (like parks and recreation).

Bolt Printing Is Known for Its Lightning-Fast Embroidery Services

Whether it's polos, baseball caps, sweatshirts, hoodies, or anything else, if you need high-quality embroidered apparel fast, you really only have one option... Bolt Printing!

We treat each custom embroidery order with the utmost care. Your embroidered shirts are a priority and whether your embroidery design is a company logo, an organization name, or anything else, we'll make sure the shirt embroidery turns out beautifully.

Bolt specializes in customizing high-quality products at almost unbelievable speed. Our average turnaround time is often faster than other companies' expedited options -- in fact, we offer a two-day turnaround on most custom embroidery (up to 100 items).

How do we do it? Because Bolt Printing isn't a middleman, we're able operate extremely efficiently.

The embroidery process starts when you place an order through our online design studio. From there, our team of embroidery experts reviews your design file and prepares it for use on an embroidery machine. Once we think the embroidery designs are ready, we'll send you a proof to approve. After getting your blessing, the apparel enters production where the garment stitching is handled with extreme care. Finally, the embroidered products are shipped.

In short, Bolt Printing is easily among the best custom embroidery companies. When you order embroidered clothing, you can count on receiving great embroidered products at great prices with an almost unbelievable turnaround time. (Oh, and we're pretty awesome when it comes to screen printing, too!)

Learn why customers love us -- order today!

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