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When it comes to finding the perfect custom kids t shirt, look no further than Bolt Printing.

We carry a wide variety of custom t shirt styles with a huge selection of shirt colors (ranging from basic colors like red, blue, white, black, and brown to fancier stuff like tie-dyes). This includes high quality tees from top brands like Sport-Tek, Gildan, Bella + Canvas, and Next Level.

Given our selection of youth clothing, you're bound to find something you like (or even love). And if youth short sleeve t shirts aren't your thing, be sure to check our custom long sleeve t-shirt collection. (Or maybe you could even go with custom hoodies.)

Although We Offer Custom Youth T Shirts, No Minimum, You'll Save a LOT More When Buying in Bulk

Is there anything worse than having to buy a ton of custom kids t shirts when you only need one or two? Bolt understands that you only have so many children. That's why there's no minimum order on custom kids shirts.

However, larger quantities are where we really shine. You stand to save a LOT when bulk ordering custom kids t shirts. And, depending on how many colors are in your design, those savings can start on as few as 12 custom tees.

And buying extras often just makes sense -- after all, children are amazing when it comes to staining, tearing, or otherwise ruining t shirts. Having a spare or two can help you avoid the aggravation of getting a tough (or gross) stain out of your child's favorite shirt.

Custom Childrens T Shirts are Awesome for Many Occasions

Is there an special occasion that isn't improved by custom children's shirts? (Well, maybe an event that doesn't include children.)

There are no end of special events where custom kids t shirts make a fun time even funner -- and, best of all, they serve as a reminder afterward how great things were. Popular occasions for custom kids shirts include birthday parties, family reunions, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, graduations, and so much more.

Always keep in mind that you stand to save when buying in bulk. Small shirt orders need to be digitally printed, which costs more than screen printing.

Other Great Reasons to Buy Custom Printed Children's T Shirts

Besides special occasions, there are a LOT of reasons for getting childrens custom clothing.

For a summer camp or school event, kids custom tees can create a sense of community and inclusion. They also make it easier to keep track of children during field trips.

A custom kids shirt also makes a great uniform for sports teams, such as a youth soccer team or little league baseball team -- just toss a team name or logo onto the shirt and you're good to go. (When kids get older, you may want additional personalization -- like a name or number -- but you don't need as much for younger children.)

On top of that, custom t-shirts are a popular choice for clubs, Vacation Bible School, youth camps, after-school programs, fundraisers, spirit wear, preschools, schools, and field days. In fact, they're great for any big school activity -- and who can forget the all-important Pi Day?

Make Memories Last with Custom Youth Shirts

Although everybody is familiar with dog years, have you ever thought much about kid years?

As quickly as kids seem to grow up, time seems to move even faster for them. An event that happened months ago can often be forgotten... that is, unless it's on a shirt. That's why custom kids shirts are the perfect gift idea for any number of events.

A custom youth t shirt will ensure that children remember any big event you're hosting for a long time to come -- especially when all of the guests have shirts, too. And the same is true for any clubs or camps children might be involved in. (And, if you run a childcare business, it's a great way to advertise -- especially if the children involved are excited and will tell other kids (and their parents) all about it when asked.)

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