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Stand Out from the Guys with Custom Ladies Polo Shirts

Custom polo shirts are a great choice for a wide variety of work uniforms, ranging from restaurants and hotels to customer service, sales, and administration. And while the appeal of a work uniform is that unified look, that doesn't mean the men and women on your team to have blend together with the same unisex polos. Instead, you can acknowledge that difference by offering the option of custom women's polo shirts.

Why add your company logo to ladies polo shirts? Because a form-flattering custom polo shirt can look more professional AND stylish than a boxy unisex polo. And by recognizing that difference in body type, your female team members can feel more comfortable. And don't you want all of your team members to feel comfortable? Especially when that comfort level can improve morale, productivity, and retention?

[Note: In addition to the styles shown on this page, the unisex polos section feature shirts that can also be ordered in a ladies style.]

Custom Women’s Polo Work Shirts Look More Professional

As mentioned, better-fitting clothing will almost always look more professional than something that's either far too loose or tight. And when somebody with a curvy form wears a boxy polo, it can be pretty clear that the person isn't wearing something made for them.

Considering that a large part of custom polos (for women or men) involves the appearance of professionalism, it's important to choose sizes (or a design) that fits properly -- especially when those employees are in public-facing roles where they represent your company. Your team members' appearance will always create an impression in customers' minds where even something as subtle as your employees' style may lead those customers to reaching conclusions about your business.

The Best Custom Polo Shirts for Women

What you're looking for in a custom women's polo shirt will likely depend on how you plan on using it. The best ladies polo style for anything athletic or outdoors will be a 100% polyester polo shirt. However, if you're buying custom women's polo shirts for work, you might want a 50/50 cotton/polyester polo shirt (like the Jerzees Spot Shield 50/50 polo, available in either unisex or ladies) instead.

Granted, there's no bad choice when it comes to women's personalized polo shirts with your logo. However, you'll want to check the size chart because women's styles can vary more than men's and, if you're buying custom ladies polo shirts for specific team members, asking those individuals for their preferred size would definitely help (unless you plan on buying a large variety).

Custom Womens Golf Shirts Make Great Gifts

While people tend to associate polo shirts with work, it's worth remembering they started with play. In fact, polos are still the preferred wardrobe for a wide range of sports from tennis to golf. This means rather than reserving your ladies polo shirts with a custom logo for the office (or other work setting), you can also give them to clients, customers, or even employees as gifts.

And, depending on your business or organization, having your logo on women's polo shirts at a country club or other prestigious recreational area could help bring quality attention to your brand. After all, business owners and executives frequently network in those settings and your logo could lead to a mention for your business that brings in a major client or customer.

If you want to encourage women to wear their custom polos in those environments, it's often worthwhile to choose high-quality women's polo shirts for your customization since your logo (and brand) will seem that much more important.

Custom Embroidered Women’s Polo Shirts

Although custom-printed women's polo shirts are great, sometimes you'd rather have embroidery... and you absolutely can. Bolt Printing ALSO carries a large number of embroidered women's polo styles, which you can find in our custom embroidered polo shirts section (many of the options seen on the page will list women's styles under the size chart when you click on the product listing; these customizable women's polo shirts are designed to match the color and material(s) used for the unisex polo shirt styles).

As for whether to go with printed women's polo shirts or custom embroidered women's polo shirts, it's largely a matter of preference. However, custom embroidery is seen as a bit more formal, so in an office setting (or higher-end customer-facing roles) that might be the way to go. But in other environments printed women's polos will work just as well, if not better.

But whichever you need, Bolt Printing is here to meet those needs. We produce high-quality customized women's polo shirts -- and unisex polos, too -- using the very best screen printing and embroidery practices. And, because everything is produced by our highly-talented team on-location in our New England headquarters, we can ensure both incredible quality AND lightning-fast turnaround times.

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