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Promo Bags Are a Great Way to Promote Your Brand (Or Celebrate an Event)

Looking to make an impression on a budget? You don't need to be as rich as Uncle Pennybags to afford promotional bags.

In fact, custom bags are actually CHEAPER than many other promotional products -- including custom t-shirts. This makes them great for giveaways and gifts.

Depending on your business, you may be able to sell your custom bags (meaning the cost of your promotional bags will either be partially subsidized or actually net you a profit). Some industries that benefit from custom tote bags include beauty salons, spas, fitness centers, and gyms, where the branded bags could either be sold separately or sold as a part of a goodie bag.

Promotional bags also work for a wide range of events. For example, custom totes can be used as gift bags for a wedding. Custom drawstring bags can be given to people attending a marathon or other sporting event. And something like custom lunch bags can be used for a school fundraiser.

On top of that, as more and more states enact bans, restrictions, and new taxes on single-use plastic bags, the demand for reusable bags (including tote bags) will only grow. That's why a durable custom tote bag might be a great investment for any business looking to build its brand -- especially if it's an eco-friendly brand, since each new promo bag can help to cut down on society's plastic bag use.

By distributing promotional bags, you're helping to save the planet.

Why Choose Printed Bags?

Want a HUGE custom design on your promotional bag? Something that can be seen from the far side of the parking lot?

If so, custom-printed bags are definitely the way to go.

Screen printing is a great choice for promotional custom bags. You're able to customize bags with MASSIVE, eye-catching designs or a company logo. (And never, ever underestimate the power of custom logo bags -- they're an incredible way for a business to make a first impression.)

Best of all, custom printing helps to keep your costs low. Screen printed bags cost much, much less than embroidered bags. And, because the cost of a screen print is determined by the colors used in the design (rather than the size), you can have large designs at no extra cost.

But does it get better? You know it does! That's because you stand to save so much, much more when you bulk order bags. Because of various efficiencies gained during the screen printing process, the cost-per-bag drastically goes down. At the largest order quantities, promotional bags get ridiculously cheap -- and keep in mind they're surprisingly affordable in the first place.

(However, it's worth mentioning that not all bags are great for printing. Higher-end options like duffel bags and messenger bags are usually better off with custom embroidery. Likewise, it's impractical to print backpacks.)

Custom Bags Are AMAZING Trade Show Promotional Items

When you attend a trade show, how do you hold all of your swag?

Companies whose booths offer custom totes to potential customers wind up looking like heroes. Even better, those attendees will carry your custom logo bags throughout the event, driving even more potential customers or clients to your booth.

Business logo bags are a surprisingly economical way to get your name out there at trade shows (effectively turning recipients into walking billboards). On top of that, after the event, the customized bags will likely still see a lot of use -- such as becoming reusable shopping bags when your customers are visiting their local grocery stores. (That's why it's worth remembering that going with more durable materials for your personalized bags will ensure they last longer.)

And, in general, whose promotional item are you more likely to remember? The trinkets that go into a custom tote bag or the bag itself? (Well, that depends on how cool the trinkets are -- but the best logo bags are very cool, too!) And that's why customized bags are easily among the most influential promotional products.

When You Need to Rush Imprint Bags, You Can Count on Bolt Printing

How often do you see a deal that seems too good to be true? How often do you scoff when you hear claims about how fast a promotional product company can an order to you? Or question whether those prices are the real deal?

Sure, for a lot of companies these things would be unbelievable -- but Bolt Printing does the unbelievable every day, turning even the most jaded skeptic into a Bolt-liever.

Yes, Bolt Printing offers an AMAZING next-day turnaround time on most of our shirts. But we also offer a still-astounding two-day turnaround time on custom-printed bags (up to 100 customizations when you select a paid shipping option at checkout -- and keep in mind it's two business days).

But even without taking us up on our lightning-fast turnaround offer, you'll still get your products quickly... and, if you select our standard turnaround time, you'll also be able to save a bit more by taking advantage of our free shipping.

How is all this possible? Simple -- Bolt Printing isn't a middle man.

With No Middleman, Bolt is Able to Rush Promotional Products Right to You (While Keeping Our Prices Low)

Many promotional companies will take an order and farm the work out to somebody else. Not only does the added layer add to the cost, it also means orders will take longer AND have a greater chance of mistakes. Because Bolt Printing handles its customization in-house, we're able to work faster, charge less, AND ensure a higher quality.

That's why Bolt Printing should be your go-to supplier for promotional bags and custom apparel.

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