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Why Choose Custom Pocket Tees?

We live in a world full of stuff -- stuff that needs to be kept with us. And where are you going to store that stuff?

Pockets have been improving human lives for hundreds of years (replacing pouches, which were much less convenient). And while pants pockets will often do the job, sometimes it's nice to be able to grab pens, a notebook, or something else on the fly where having a pocket at chest level is just more convenient. (And, in some cases, it's safer for the objects.)

For a lot of tradesmen, contractors, and other workers who get stuff done, pocket shirts are a way of life. More than just offering a little extra space, shirt pockets help to keep them organized and efficient.

Keep It Simple -- Buy a Custom Pocket T Shirt With Logo

Considering pocketed custom t-shirts are most often bought for professional reasons, oftentimes the best choice is just going with a logo.

Logos can be powerful. They're a simple image (or sometimes text) that makes a company or other organization recognizable. Although the biggest brands can conjure strong associations (especially in the case of something like apparel, where high-quality brands have built a tremendous amount of trust with their customers), a logo can benefit groups of any size.

And, when used as a work uniform, logo pocket t-shirts will both reinforce your branding and help to instill confidence.

Mens Pocket Tees With Designs Are a Great Way To Stand Out

Even a small design can make a big statement. You'd be surprised by how much of an impression a logo or other custom design has, considering it often catches somebody's eye and gets them to pay attention.

And where should that design go?

The two most popular locations are the pocket and just above the pocket. Out of the two, a pocket design often makes more sense because it'll always be visible (although sometimes stretched) whereas whatever you have in your pocket could cover an above-the-pocket placement.

However, we're sometimes asked about a different, less popular placement -- namely, the right chest. Despite being on the right side of a person's body, it's the wrong place for a design. For starters, it looks weird because everybody is accustomed to seeing designs on the left. But there's a pragmatic issue, too. Because pockets are sewn onto t-shirts after the fact, there can be a certain amount of variation in pocket placement. Now, imagine you have a design that's lined up to be at the exact same place on each shirt. That'd mean its placement in relation to the pocket would noticeably vary shirt-to-shirt. And it can get even harder when you try to line up a right chest placement against the pocket, since the design might be higher or lower on different shirts.

So, if you're thinking about a right chest design, I have one word of advice for you: Don't.

You Can Customize Long Sleeve Pocket T Shirts, Too!

The fun doesn't have to stop with short-sleeve pocket tees because long-sleeve shirts are also an option. And there's some really cool stuff you can do with long-sleeve custom pocket tees.

The biggest advantage to a long-sleeve shirt is being able to add your custom design on that very long sleeve, meaning you can do something totally cool and unique. This might mean a lot of text or a even a longer logo that might otherwise be impractical.

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