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Looking for a special gift for your special event or some neat promotional products?

Custom and personalized tote bags are great for any number of occasions, ranging from gift bags at a wedding to promotional bags for a fundraiser. And a branded tote bag can be all the rage at conferences.

In short, custom tote bags work for a lot of circumstances.

Are they great for your marketing efforts? Yes! They're a very easy way to your brand noticed. Think about customers carrying them around after grocery shopping or at a mall -- that's a lot of low-cost brand exposure!

Will custom tote bags be an amazing gift for wedding guests? Yes! Along with other monumental occasions, too. After all, goodie bags are good, but custom goodie bags are great. (Although does that make them greaty bags?)

Is there a bad use for custom tote bags? Probably, but science has yet to find it.

Cotton Promo Bags -- the Best Fabric Choice?

There are a few fabric choices when it comes to personalized tote bags, but nothing works quite as well as cotton canvas. Although nylon and polyester might be good for drawstring bags, they aren't as durable as cotton.

If you want to go eco-friendly, you can look into recycled cotton canvas. However, 100% cotton biodegrades very quickly -- only taking a few weeks under the right conditions -- so you don't have to worry about it polluting the planet.

So, are cotton custom tote bags the best promotional bag choice? They're certainly a great value, combining low cost with solid durability.

Tote Bag Giveways

Who doesn't love FREE tote bags? If somebody walked up and offered you some promotional tote bags, wouldn't you happily take them?

Customized tote bags are an amazing promotional item because they're very likely to be used, especially as America continues to phase out single-use plastic bags. An increasing number of states, cities, and municipalities have either implemented taxes on single-use plastic bags or outright banned them. And if it hasn't happened in your area yet, odds are it will eventually.

Even without laws compelling people to go green, many eco-friendly consumers are already skipping single-use plastic bags in favor of reusable bags. And, honestly, totes are a great alternative even without considering the fact they're environmentally friendly. After all, tote bags are far more durable and capable of carrying heavier amounts -- meaning you don't have to haul as many bags while shopping.

It's an easy way to get your brand noticed by a wide variety of potential customers, whether those bags are being carried to grocery stores, the mall, or someplace like the beach.

Of course, one of the best uses is at trade shows, considering attendees need something to carry all of their promotional swag and your company logo (or company message) is sure to be seen throughout that convention. In short, it's a HUGE amount of brand exposure at very little cost -- in fact, customized tote bags often cost less than custom shirts!

So, whether for a special event or your next trade show, a custom tote bag is a great low cost promotional item.

Bolt is the Place for Custom Screen Printed Tote Bags

Whether you're looking to put a company logo or a promotional message on your custom tote bags, Bolt Printing can deliver.

We make it easy to customize tote bags -- our online design studio is an all-in-one tool where you can upload (and place) artwork, add text, and -- if needed -- use clip art, too. That's right, you can design tote bags from start to finish inside of our studio. Does it get any easier than that?

And, if you decide you need more custom tote bags, you can use Bolt Printing's easy reordering system. Because your proofs will have already been approved, the process is a bit faster.

Best of all? You don't need to buy in bulk to get a great deal! Our minimum order quantity for custom tote bags is a very-reasonable 12, with a very large price break when ordering 24.

In short, you probably won't find cooler totes and better deals anywhere else.If you need fast tote bag printing, Bolt is your top choice. We offer two-day turnaround times on custom tote bags.

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