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Ways To Help Our Planet

Custom Reusable Shopping Bags With Logo Are Practical

When it comes to promotional products -- especially anything with your company logo on it -- you want those things to be seen. Promo items like custom pens won't get much attention, but larger items like bags and shirts will.

Something like reusable custom printed grocery bags (or reusable grocery totes) will offer you a LOT of design space for a business logo, meaning that your logo will be seen when customers use them at grocery stores, the local Target, Wal-Mart, or malls.

Of course, if you own a store, you'll also see advantages with any form of recycled bags, since you won't need to buy as many single-use bags. In fact, even if you sell custom reusable grocery or shopping bags at cost (ie, not making a profit), you're likely to save money in the long run -- not counting the added exposure (a.k.a. brand awareness) you'll receive if customers use those grocery totes to shop at other places, too.

And there's the ethical considerations, too, since reusable tote bags are eco-friendly.

Save the Planet with Custom Reusable Grocery Bags

Stopping pollution is up to everybody, and one of the easiest (and lowest effort) ways to make a difference is with printed reusable grocery bags.

Custom grocery bags are great because they'll mostly be used in public settings with lots of other people around. They also help to demonstrate that your organization cares a LOT about the environment, whether it's keeping single-use plastic bags out of landfills or the oceans where they might threaten whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and other beloved marine animals.

However, when you order reusable custom grocery bags, you aren't just saving the environment, you're also saving money on promotional items. After all, custom reusable grocery tote bags are VERY inexpensive -- far less than custom t-shirts and other items. And why shouldn't you save some green while you save other green?

Custom Cooler Bags With Logo

Some guys have a six-pack, others have a whole keg. Of course, if you're planning on hauling a keg to your next picnic, fishing trip, or camping trip, we can't help you. For everybody else, there's always the option of a custom cooler bag.

Logo cooler bags are great promotional items because they're both extremely affordable AND practical. You can be sure people will actually use your custom printed cooler bags, keeping your company in mind for years to come (and, if they bring their logo cooler bag to the beach or other public place, it'll be on other people's minds, too!).

Personalized Lunch Bags With School Logo

Whether you run an after-school program, a YMCA, kids martial arts studio, or even a camp, customized lunch bags could help grow your business by putting your information in front of curious students, who might be interested in also attending.

In the case of a private school or a PTO, custom lunch bags with a school logo could be sold during fundraisers. Besides the fundraising benefit, school logo lunch bags are also good for school morale and creating a sense of community.

Best Uses for Custom Logo Shopping Bags

Who benefits the most from reusable custom shopping bags? Besides the environment, the answer is stores. If you sell anything, you save money when you don't have to provide bags and instead encourage customers to bring their own -- especially when you sell those custom reusable grocery bags, reusable shopping bags, or eco-friendly totes.

However, even if you don't own a store, you'll see some benefit from custom recycled bags.

Eco-friendliness goes a long way with customers, and even the less environmentally-minded folks won't criticize a business whose company message involves saving the planet. Giving away custom printed reusable grocery bags is an easy way to show people you care AND actually reduce waste by cutting down on single-use plastics. (And you can score extra brownie points if those bags use recycled materials -- the most popular materials include recycled cotton and polypropylene, but any recycled material is a plus.)

They're a great low-cost item for giveaways and, as mentioned, could also be sold (especially if you own a store or are running a fundraiser). And, depending on what you need, there are a range of options, whether it's a water resistant, high-quality product or just cheapest custom reusable bag available to keep your costs low (and remember -- even the cheapest reusable custom bags can make an impression... and, if you buy from Bolt Printing, our cheapest options are still a lot nicer than other companies' low-price printed reusable bag options).

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