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A Custom Logo Apron is Awesome for Branding

For certain businesses and organizations, custom aprons make a lot of sense. After all, if you own a restaurant, garden center, or florist shop, employees will probably wear aprons anyway. So why shouldn't those aprons be embroidered with a logo or other design?

Embroidered apparel is a great way to help establish a company. Not only does it make employees more identifiable (when used as a business uniform), but it reinforces an impression in customers' minds. After all, the presence of a logo on personalized aprons, shirts, or other clothing makes your employees seem more professional (and your group appears more organized).

Some companies and services that could benefit from custom aprons include restaurants, florists, gardening centers, delis, bakers, some supermarket departments, plant nurseries, woodworking shops, and certain craftmakers. (Note: Depending on the type of business, you might need a more durable apron -- in some cases, it might need heat resistance. However, for everything else, an easy care apron should work wonders.)

If you run a charity that provides food to those in need -- like a soup kitchen or homeless shelter -- or helps to feed the disabled, logo aprons can help to instantly identify your organization and establish trust.

Above everything else, custom aprons are one more way to establish your organization's name and reputation.

Apron Embroidery Offers a Clean Look

Is there anything as crisp and beautiful as a nice custom embroidery? While custom printing vs embroidery is ultimately a matter of preference (and sometimes budget), there's no denying that embroidery adds a special feeling to custom aprons and other items.

The biggest benefit you might see with embroidery is the mix of colors. Because those colors are determined by thread rather than ink, embroidered designs can have a wealth of colors. Although there's something of a size limitation with embroidery, that's not really an issue when you're just embroidering a logo and don't have a large space to work with.

On more of a preference level, many people like the "texture" you get with an embroidered logo -- because the thread doesn't sit completely flush against the fabric, the embroidery rather literally pops from the garment.

Embroidered waist aprons are a great choice for a wait staff uniform, giving them and other front-facing restaurant workers a professional look while helping them carry items needed for their job. (And, of course, offering protection for their clothes, since working with food has the chance of stains.)

How to Create a Great Apron Logo

Already have a logo? Awesome! Your job might already be mostly done... and I say "mostly" because embroidery may require that a design be simplified.

Overly-ornate logos -- particularly those featuring small, thin text -- can look a little messy when embroidered. One of the easiest fixes is removing or changing some of the details. If an element isn't going to look great in a tiny size, ask yourself if it's really important and whether the other elements could fill more of that space (as by making thin lines thicker and small letters bigger).

Keep in mind your embroidery should fit within a 3"x3" space. Although that gives you plenty of room, it's not a massive area.

Ways You Might Customize an Embroidered Apron With Logo

So, where should your embroidered logo be placed? Unlike a lot of other embroidered clothes, you can't just do a left-chest placement (because aprons don't really have a left-chest). Instead, you might go with a center chest placement.

If your blank apron features two pockets, you could embroider a logo on one of them. However, if your chosen apron has three pockets, you'll probably want to stick with either the left or right pocket (because you don't want people staring at that center pocket).

Keep in mind that, depending on the demands of the job, certain kinds of custom aprons will make more sense than others. For example, restaurant servers don't need cobbler aprons -- simple waist aprons (even with just a single strap) will work best. And although you might want a personalized apron for each team member, that's also a lot of added (and often unnecessary) expense.

Need a Custom Embroidered Apron? Bolt Printing Has You (And Your Clothing) Covered

Bolt Printing makes it easy to order custom aprons -- whether embroidered or printed -- and whatever else you might need for your business. We offer a wide variety of corporate workwear, including custom jackets, uniform polos, and more.

However, Bolt is there for non-businesses, too. If you have a family reunion coming up where embroidered aprons will show a group of grill masters that they're appreciated, we can help with that -- and we can help if you'd like custom t-shirts for everybody else.

No matter who you are or what you're looking for, there's a chance we might have something perfect for you... if you're looking for custom clothing, that is!

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