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You might work out with guys, but that doesn't mean you have to dress like them, too.

Although unisex custom activewear is great as an all-purpose option, sometimes it makes more sense to go with a women's style. For starters, the customizable shirts may be more flattering and comfortable. On top of that, you get to choose from a much larger selection of custom clothing -- all of the unisex options and then all of the custom women's workout clothes on top of that -- meaning you're more likely to discover something you love (or is a better fit for your business or fitness brand).

And, as far as ladies sportswear goes, few options work as well as custom athletic tops.

Why Customized Women's Athletic Shirts Are a Great Choice

Not everything makes for great custom activewear. For example, can you imagine a custom design on workout leggings? Not only are the screen prints less likely to last, they probably wouldn't look great. (Thicker leg wear, such as custom sweatpants or joggers, wouldn't have these same problems, but they're not always practical.)

So, instead of customizing leggings, it makes a lot more sense to customize women's athletic tees. First, you get a much larger space for your screen printed design -- ensuring it really pops (like bold prints should). Second, it's a much more noticeable location (and doesn't lead to potentially awkward situations where somebody is staring at the wearer's lower body). Third, you arguably get a lot more value for the price because your message, design, or logo is more likely to viewed and understood. (And to really maximize that value, always go for strongly contrasting color combinations, like a white logo on a navy workout top.)

Even if the wearer isn't working out, custom moisture-wicking tops can be great for athleisure -- particularly when outside during warmer months when they'd basically serve as womens summer wear.

Of course, women's moisture-wicking shirts may not always be the best option. For added coolness, you might want tanks instead (although they won't keep you as dry... unless you get a moisture-wicking tank top, which we also offer). And during colder months, your best option might be custom sweatshirts. However, for many uses, women's athletic t-shirts are the best option and may offer things you don't get with other custom clothing (such as UV protection -- the Sport-Tek LST420, for example, has a UPF rating of 50, meaning it blocks 98% of the sun's rays).

Custom Women's Gym Clothes Can Be a Great Branding Opportunity

If you own a gym, your customers can be your best advertisement. They're often your greatest spokespeople, letting everybody know about your training facility and (hopefully) recommending it.

Considering how many fitness enthusiasts focus on results, it makes sense to customize women's activewear since the custom clothing is better at showing a woman's curves and thus highlighting their progress toward reaching their ideal shape. This could both help to keep clients motivated to stay in your fitness program (or use your athletic facility) and attract new clients by essentially advertising the fact women see results by using your service.

Best of all? A gym or other fitness business could even sell their customized women's activewear to customers instead of just giving it away, so the business either covers its costs or even turns a profit.

When You Need Custom Workout Tops for Women, You Can't Top Bolt Printing's Prices and Value

Save the treadmill for the gym -- you won't feel like you're running in place when working with Bolt Printing. We guide customers through the process of customizing womens sportswear, ensuring you get the best possible custom moisture-wicking shirts at the best price.

Our 'dream team' consists of the very best customer care team members who -- unlike your normal customer service reps -- are knowledgeable about designs, best practices, and handle preparing a design for production themselves. They're backed up by screen printing experts who've been producing high-quality custom women's activewear for decades.

When you set up an account with Bolt Printing, you're likely creating the very last custom apparel account you'll ever need -- because with prices, quality, and turnaround times like ours, why would you shop anywhere else?

So, whether you need custom women's gym shirts, custom yoga clothes, or even custom pilates shirts, Bolt Printing has you covered.

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