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Best Reasons To Choose Bolt Printing: Low Cost, Quality, Expert Handholding, & Fast Turnaround!


Not all Custom T Shirt Printers are the Same

With no end of custom t shirt printing businesses, you might be wondering how much difference there is from one company to the next.

The first and most obvious difference is service. Some companies are more than happy to take whatever t shirt design you send them and just toss it on a t shirt, no matter how bad the final product looks. (In fact, they might not even look at the tee before shipping it!) However, that's not how we do things. If we notice a t shirt design isn't going to work, we'll let you know -- in fact, we can usually fix the problem.

Beyond that, some shirt printing companies offer free shipping, some don't. Some companies charge set-up fees, others (like us) don't. Some won't touch your order unless you hit a minimum quantity while others are more flexible. Some have limited customizable options and others And some will try to sneak in hidden fees while others offer all inclusive pricing.

Okay, but how are you so much cheaper than those other guys?

How can Bolt Printing deliver outstanding quality at an affordable price? Simple -- we're also a manufacturer. This means we own all of our screen printing and digital printing equipment. With no middleman or additional layer of marketing, we're able to operate at a far lower cost because we're not paying another company to handle those services for us. (Making us something of a one-stop shop.)

This also means we can do certain things that other shirt printing companies (ones who rely on another company to manufacture the actual custom tees) might not be able to do because our employees are doing the work on our own equipment. If you're in a super rush to get your custom shirts, we can make that happen. (And, if you aren't in a rush, you can take advantage of our free shipping.)


More than just shirts...

While we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality custom shirts at a great price, Bolt Printing is more than just a cost effective shirt printing business. We also customize hoodies, hats, and other apparel.

And even when it comes to custom shirts, we offer an array of different styles -- polo shirts, pocket t shirts, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, moisture wicking shirts, tri-blend shirts, and so much more!


Making a statement without breaking the bank

Whether you own a business or are part of a charity looking to raise money, custom t shirts and other apparel are a great way to attract attention and deliver your message. And, as far as advertising goes, it's far less expensive (and longer-lasting) than a lot of other options.

When you purchase custom t shirts or other apparel from Bolt Printing, you can do it with the confidence that you're buying high-quality products at a fantastic price. We can make your favorite designs come to life -- in fact, your custom designs may wind up looking like fine art! And, above everything else, we take pride in our ability to deliver unique t shirts.

Need some ideas to get started? We offer a number of design resources, we have a blog packed with great design ideas.