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Fri, Aug 19 2022
Hannah  Verified Visitor
"Great quality shirts and printing! Very pleased with the product and customer service."

Thu, May 12 2022
Cemone  Verified Visitor
"The sizing/ fit was very small and had a lot of disappointed 5th graders. They were just absolutely too small to fit and they were supposed to be gifts. A few shirts had splotches on them and off colors. "

Mon, May 02 2022
Bobbie  Verified Visitor
"Great quality and done extremely fast. I was skeptical that I would get them but they came on time and perfect. I will definitely order again. "

Thu, Feb 03 2022
Jessica  Verified Visitor

Tue, Oct 26 2021
Vicki  Verified Visitor
"I absolutely love my t~shirts!! I couldn't be happier ?"

Wed, Jul 28 2021
Andres  Verified Visitor
"You always exceed my expectations, the only thing I can say is that you are the best. Excellent work. I am very satisfied with the work they did."

Tue, Jul 06 2021
Ashley  Verified Visitor
"This is my second time ordering and I am thrilled to have such great quality t shirts printed."

Mon, Jun 14 2021
Brent  Verified Visitor
"2nd order was so easy! Great quality and price with fast turnaround!!"

Wed, Jun 09 2021
Jane  Verified Visitor
"Shirts are cozy as I hoped. Not the classic stiff tshirt. As always the Bolt team was incredibly responsive and supportive. "

Mon, May 24 2021
Ashley  Verified Visitor
"Ordered 48 shirts, the print quality was the best I've seen yet. Definitely ordering again. "

Mon, May 10 2021
Caleb  Verified Visitor
"Awesome job as always"

Wed, Jul 01 2020
Lindsey  Verified Visitor

Mon, Jun 15 2020
Matthew  Verified Visitor

Wed, Apr 29 2020
Ebony  Verified Visitor
"Loved It"

Thu, Oct 31 2019
Ruben  Verified Visitor
"Excellent turnaround time, and they turned out looking great!"
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