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Bella+Canvas Custom T Shirts - Junior Fit

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Mon, Aug 12 2019
Sean  Verified Visitor
"Loved It"

Mon, Feb 05 2018
Karen  Verified Visitor
"Shirt color online and on proof much different than actual color. Part of the printing is not very visible on the actual shirt because the actual shirt is much darker. I tried to resolve this issue in an online chat. Dialog follows: Maddie
17:18:39 Hi there. How can I help you today?
17:19:30 i received my order on friday, the printing looks good, but the shirt is way darker than the proof and some of the printing is not visible because of the darkness of the shirt
17:19:46 Can I have an order number?
17:19:48 can you reprint on a different color and i'll send back the one that I got?
17:20:08 104966
17:20:40 I'm sorry to hear about what happened 😞
17:20:52 We would be able to offer a 50% discount on the shirt
17:21:08 but the proof and the shirt color do not match
17:21:17 i can just return the shirt
17:22:43 It is never 100% possible for there to be an exact match between a physical shirt and a digital mock up due to screen settings/brightness/etc.
17:23:04 I do have a swatch of the purple shirt in front of me and they are fairly similar
17:23:30 However, we are sad to hear you were not happy with your product 😞
17:23:38 the shirt is much darker, for full disclosure, i will submit this chat on the review
17:24:06 i just want you to print on a different color, you can have the shirt back, i'm not trying to get a free shirt out of this
17:24:17 We can offer a full refund then
17:24:32 I can process that now
17:24:57 We are sorry you were not happy with your shirt

Fri, Aug 04 2017
TyroneE  Verified Visitor
"We absolutely loved the professional yet personal attention that we received for our print job. In fact, we were so impressed with the quality of the merchandise and printing that we submitted another order! Thanks Bolt you are our new number #1"

Tue, Jun 20 2017
Erin  Verified Visitor
"I did check the size chart and ordered accordingly. My shirt did not fit and I'm worried about the others fitting. "

Tue, Jan 24 2017
KRISTINE  Verified Visitor
"Excellent quality! Fast production and shipping! Thank you!!!"

Tue, Dec 27 2016
Robin  Verified Visitor
"Love the shirts. Look very professional and was delivered on time if not before❤"

Mon, Aug 29 2016
RASHIN  Verified Visitor
"Loved It"