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Moisture Wicking Polo Shirts

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Thu, Jul 21 2022
Thomas  Verified Visitor

Mon, Jun 13 2022
Travis  Verified Visitor
"Happy with the shirts that came in, lightweight and perfect for golf for the group. To have in hand in two days half-way across the country was amazing."

Sat, Sep 04 2021
Ramon  Verified Visitor

Tue, Aug 10 2021
Robert  Verified Visitor
"always on time, always the way you want it. I only work with BOLT PRINTING for all my needs. "

Wed, Jul 07 2021
Linda  Verified Visitor
"Loved It"

Thu, Apr 29 2021
Linda  Verified Visitor
"We have ordered multiple times. We have imprinted the shirts, and they come out perfectly. Very pleased!"

Wed, Jul 15 2020
Linda  Verified Visitor
"Loved It"

Mon, Oct 28 2019
Rodari  Verified Visitor
"Always a pleasure working with you guys...more orders are on the way!"

Mon, Sep 16 2019
Junot  Verified Visitor
"Polo shirt too long in reference of standard sizes, specially the L size. Embroidery with some bad details. 7 of my embroideries have visible details. "

Wed, Jun 26 2019
Anne Marie  Verified Visitor
"Loved It"

Wed, Jun 19 2019
Dave  Verified Visitor
"On time, reasonable, and good quality. Couple pulls on the shirts were disappointing. "

Mon, Jun 10 2019
Miguel  Verified Visitor
"Very nice job and follow up. "

Thu, May 02 2019
Elmar  Verified Visitor
"The shirts are perfect but i was very surprised about the size of the logo. It should have been approx 2 x 2 inch but it is around 4 x 4 inch which is ways too big. "

Thu, Apr 25 2019
Carla  Verified Visitor
"I will be ordering all my shirts from this company they were fast and efficient good job guys appreciate it"

Mon, Mar 04 2019
Brenda  Verified Visitor
"The fabric feels cool to the touch, which is what we’re looking for, but it seems a bit too thin of a fabric for our female group members. Nice quality, but we need to continue to look at other options. Working with your team has been very easy though, and I definitely appreciate the promptness in sending the sample. "