Best Custom Group T-Shirts? Always Bet on the BD54

Best Custom Group T-Shirts? Always Bet on the BD54

The bd54 is perfect for group events


When buying custom t-shirts for a group, you want something that'll match. However, you might find that certain customizable shirts aren't available in all styles and sizes. So, what do you get in those cases? A group whose custom shirts almost-match instead of actual-matching shirts.

Would you put up with almost-matching shirts? Better yet, should you put up with almost-matching shirts?

Instead of picking 2 or 3 different shirt styles (often with slightly-different colors), you should pick a customizable shirt that's available for men, women, children, and everybody else. You should pick... Bolt Printing's BD54!

The BD54 is the Best Custom Group T-Shirt for EVERYBODY

Custom group shirt orders are most affordable on the bd54

We'll sometimes jokingly call the BD54 the "BD-fifty-FOR-everybody" because this 100% cotton custom t-shirt is available in all kinds of styles and different sizes. Not only is it a great option as a custom gender neutral t-shirt (or a custom unisex shirt), but it has women's options and kids, too.


"54? That's a big number! Is the BD54 an expensive custom tee?"

Nope! The BD54 is actually very affordable and our most widely-recommended t-shirt for screen printing and DTG (direct-to-garment) printing.

In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better deal (ie, a good quality custom shirt at a great price). In fact...

'Best Deal' is right in the name.

Bolt Printing's BD series -- available not only as shirts, but also hoodies, hats, tote bags, and more -- stands for "Best Deal" (although we wouldn't blame you for thinking it's "Big Deal" because we think the BD54 is kind of a big deal, too!)

As for the "54," it's not a reference to Seattle Seahawks' Bobby Wagner, the Dallas Cowboys' Randy White, or even Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson (who also wears the number). Instead, it refers to the fact the BD54 is a 5.4-ounce 100% cotton t-shirt.

So, why should you go with the BD54?

#1 - The BD54 Makes Group Ordering Custom Tees Easy

Custom group shirts from bolt printing

Have a family reunion or other group event coming up? You probably have a LOT going on. Why not make your life easier by ordering one type of custom t-shirt?

By sticking with the BD54, you save time and spare yourself aggravation. Can you put a price on your time? Probably. What if you were getting that time AND paying less than you would if you were buying another kind of customized t-shirt? Because that's almost like being paid for your time. And that actually brings us to the next point...

#2 - The BD54 is the Most Affordable Custom Tee

BD54 is affordable and high quality

Everybody's got a budget (except maybe Elon Musk). Some group custom tees will fit better into that budget than others.

The BD54 stands out because it's Bolt Printing's lowest-price customizable t-shirt, making it perfect for group ordering whether that group is a team of employees (who could use the shirts as work uniforms), a family looking for family reunion shirts, a non-profit ordering event shirts, or somebody who needs milestone birthday shirts for a loved one's big decade.

And, if the shirts are screen printed in bulk, the BD54 gets even cheaper thanks to a volume discount on large orders. Yes, you heard me right -- these already low-priced shirts can get even less expensive! (And, if you heard me say, "The robot invasion is tomorrow," then you might want to get your ears/eyes checked. That invasion isn't happening for at least another month.)

#3 - The BD54 Works with All Kinds of Custom T-Shirt Printing

The BD54 Works with All Kinds of Custom T-Shirt Printing

Whether digital or screen printing shirts, the BD54 can be your go-to shirt. As a 5.4-ounce 100% cotton tee, it's extremely versatile, making it the perfect canvas for a digital or screen printed design.

Remember, the BD54 is for everybody. It works whether you're buying one shirt or a thousand (or ten-thousand, if you need a lot of shirts... although how many people need ten-thousand shirts?). There's no minimum quantity AND no maximum quantity (but, you know, it might take us a while if you want 100k custom tees). And no matter how many you order, you qualify for free standard shipping.

#4 - The BD54 is the Best Family Reunion Custom Tee

The BD54 Works with All Kinds of Custom T-Shirt Printing

Is there anything as precious as family? If you treasure yours, you'll probably want something nice for them. And the BD54 is very nice (yet also very affordable).

For many of the reasons already mentioned (all three of them), the BD54 is best family reunion shirt. You can order it for ALL of your family members (aged 8 to 800, if you have any great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents still around), you can order it in either men's or women's styles (or even unisex, if you aren't comfortable ordering a men's style... although unisex and men's are the same thing), it's very budget-friendly (since it's low-cost), and it works for all kinds of custom t-shirt printing.

In short, the BD54 is for everybody. And I mean everybody. Is it a great for Grandpa? Yes. Little Timmy? Sure. Suzie? Yep. Mom & Dad? Definitely. Rex the dog? No, dogs (and cats) are just about the only family members the BD54 isn't great for.

Are there other excellent family reunion tees? Sure, the Gildan 5000 Heavy Cotton Shirt is great... although the Gildan 5000 is for ALMOST everybody (since its options stop at a unisex 3XL instead of reaching a unisex 6XL) where the BD54 is the BD-fifty-FOR-everybody (up to a unisex 6XL).

"Best Deal Custom Tee, I Think I Love You..."

the BD54 is our most popular shirt for group orders

In short, there's a lot to love about the BD54. It's a GREAT matching tee for group orders that can cover a wide range of men, women, and children, too (just not dogs or cats).

Is it the best custom shirt ever? Well, that's a matter of opinion. However, you'll have a hard time finding a customized tee that delivers as much value (ie, what you get for what your overall payment). There's a reason why it's Bolt Printing's bestselling custom tee.

Matching Shirts for Your Whole Team

Teams and workers love the high quality and affordability of the bd54

A team can mean a great many things, although at its heart it's a group of people... and, in this case, it's a group of people who need custom shirts.

So, who's on your team? Is it a team of friends? Co-workers? Friendly co-workers? Co-workerly friends? Hobbyists? Weekend athletes? Depending on the type of team, your need for custom team shirts may vary.

That's why there's no one best way to design team shirts... although the BD54 might be the best shirt for those designs.

Even if you have a literal sports team, the BD54 is a good choice for custom team shirts -- maybe not the players (since instead you'd really want a 100% polyester shirt, like the BD55 -- and keep in mind there's an additional cost to print individual team numbers), but definitely for the fans and anybody off the field. In fact, because the BD54 is so reasonably priced (ie, inexpensive), you'd make a lot more money selling team shirts (especially if you buy in bulk -- again, there's a pretty awesome volume discount on customized t-shirts).


Customize a Shirt with Your Own Design Today

design yours today

Looking to put one of your own designs on a shirt? There's no day like today (in fact, you might even call today a gift since it's the present, after all!)

And although the BD54 just makes the most sense for anybody looking to order custom tees, there are other options -- including different shirts from the BD series, such as the BDSS, which is like the BD54, but softer (because it uses a ringspun cotton). But, if you move beyond the BD series, there's a world of options... but they'll cost more and might not have sizes for everybody. (Remember: It's the BD-fifty-FOR-everybody.)

However, when you're looking to create customized t-shirts, there's really only one option: Bolt Printing! (Okay, maybe there are other options, but you can't beat our combination of price, quality, service, and speed -- in many ways, we're like the BD54 of custom clothing companies... except somehow even better).

As part of our all-inclusive custom shirt pricing, you get a free graphics service where one of our custom tee experts will examine your design before getting it ready for printing. Why? Because if you aren't satisfied with your custom t-shirts, we're not satisfied, either. And we're there for you every step of the way, answering your calls and responding to your messages (at least Monday through Friday, roughly from 9am to 6pm).

Because, like the BD54, Bolt Printing is for EVERYBODY. Whether you need custom t-shirts, hoodies, polos, jackets, or even bags (printed or embroidered), Bolt Printing is there for you and EVERYBODY else.