Custom Embroidered Fleece Jackets

Embroider Custom Fleece Jackets With Your Logo or Design

Popular Brands: The North Face & More.

Custom Logo Fleece Jackets

Few things look as nice on custom fleece jackets as a very tasteful embroidery, especially an embroidered logo.

But why go with a custom embroidered fleece jacket instead of a printed one, you ask? There are two great reasons.

First, think about the aesthetics. Fleece apparel usually has a very uneven surface. As a result, an embroidered design looks better than a printed one on a custom fleece jacket.

The second, and perhaps more obvious reason, is the logistics. A fleece jacket is an uneven, textured surface, so a digital or screen print won't turn out great. However, that texture isn't an issue when you embroider fleece jackets instead. (If you absolutely want a screen print, a sweatshirt or hoodie will probably make more sense.)

On top of that, a logo just makes sense. It's an easily-identified part of a business or organization's identity (or brand) and takes up a relatively small amount of space.

Embroidered fleece jackets are amazing for a wide variety of customers, including non-profits, sports teams, schools, outdoor recreation groups, men's retreats, fundraisers, and, most importantly, companies.

Custom Fleece Jackets for Business

All kinds of companies benefit from getting custom fleece jackets. Some of the most common uses include company uniforms (specifically for outdoor employees, like parking lot attendants), corporate gifts (for either employees or clients), and resale.

Depending on your business type -- and climate -- your needs might vary. Do you need something thicker? Lighter? A more breathable fabric? Maybe you need extra pockets? Of course, if your biggest concern is cost, you might spend more time looking at prices than features.

For the most part, the benefit of a fleece is that it's warm. From there, it's often a matter of how warm it is -- and how that warmth might interact with the rest of a person's outfit. Especially if you want something that'll be practical.

Who makes the ideal customizable fleece jacket? We recommend North Face over brands like Eddie Bauer or Columbia. But, if you just want an affordable entry-level option, the best value brand might be Port Authority.

Company Logo Fleece Jackets

When looking to customize fleece jackets, you'll usually want to keep things simple. If you're buying them as part of a company uniform or just to promote your business, the best choice for a customization is embroidering your company logo on your custom fleece jacket's left chest.

While you could add information besides a logo, it could distract from your business logo. In addition, small text (and, when embroidering, a design is usually on the smaller side) can be difficult to read.

And, honestly, company fleece jackets look better when it's just a logo. It's a much cleaner aesthetic.

Corporate Fleece Jackets

Looking for a high-end promotional item to give clients or employees? As mentioned, custom fleece jackets make amazing corporate gifts.

A custom corporate fleece jacket is a great-looking, practical item that clients and customers are sure to wear, meaning not do you build a stronger connection with a VIP client, but that client will effectively help promote your company -- including by giving a word-of-mouth testimonial to anybody who asks about the business logo on the fleece jacket.

For employees, business fleece jackets can make an amazing holiday gift (or year-end gift), and your team members will likely be more than happy to wear them, bringing attention to your company. And workers are bound to have good things to say about an employer who just gave them really nice custom fleece jackets!

However, if your employees are wearing them for work (whether working outside or involved in door-to-door sales), corporate fleece jackets are a great way to reinforce your brand.


Custom Fleece Vests

No sleeves? No problem!

An embroidered fleece vest is a fantastic choice for a lot of businesses. For starters, it makes a great custom uniform since employees can wear it over a shirt (ie, a business would save money compared to providing employees with a lot of custom shirts).

On top of that, custom fleece vests work great as an added layer. They provide a bit of warmth by themselves as an outer layer (meaning your business logo is visible) when things are just a little chilly and, when the chill is too strong, a custom jacket could be tossed over the custom fleece vest.

If your business has a close eye on its budget, custom fleece vests might be appealing because they're a bit cheaper than embroidered fleece jackets.

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