Custom Winter Jackets

Personalize Insulated Jackets With Your Design or Logo

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What are Custom Insulated Jackets?

When buying custom jackets, you often have to decide on certain trade-offs. Do you want something that's warm? Go with puffer jackets. Breathable? Soft shell jackets. Waterproof? Rain coats. Wind protection? Custom windbreakers. Those kinds of custom jackets do one thing well, but don't handle something else.

But what if you want a truly all-purpose jacket? One that will protect you in snowy or rainy cold weather? Because staying dry is one thing, but what happens when the temperature drops?

Call them custom insulated jackets, winter jackets, or even custom parkas, you get many benefits at once when you choose custom winter coats. Warmth. Rain protection. Wind resistance. It's all of these things and more.


Uses for Custom Winter Coats

Because custom insulated jackets do so much, they tend to be expensive. That means their uses tend to be more specific than other forms of custom apparel -- basically, you probably won't just be handing these out to everybody.

So, what are custom embroidered jackets good for?

For starters, they're a great choice for company jackets. Just add an embroidered logo and you have a rugged, outdoors company uniform. These are something you might provide employees who work as car attendants or at a ski resort.

If your budget for your regular employees is on the lower side, you might consider insulated custom jackets for your executive team. After all, doesn't your company's leadership team deserve the best?

(Of course, if you still need something for the rest of your team (or the entire team, if you want everybody to match), Bolt Printing carries a large variety of custom jackets at different price points, many of which are more specialized so you're getting exactly what you need at a more affordable price.)

Additionally, high-end branded jackets can be re-sold, too. This can be an option for resorts, bands, sports teams, bars, and more. (And, if you like the concept but feel insulated custom jackets are too expensive for you to resell, keep in mind we carry a wide array of other custom apparel, including shirts, hoodies, hats, and more.)


Embroidered Winter Jackets

What's the best print method for custom embroidered jackets? Trick question -- it's not a print method, it's embroidery.

While you technically CAN screen print a custom jacket, there are some logistical issues where the design is less likely to turn out great. For starters, a jacket isn't flat, making it harder to print. However, perhaps more importantly, an insulated jacket's lining makes it prone to movement, which could easily mess up a design. And that's not even getting into the fact that heating the ink to dry the design could damage the jacket. (And all of those problems would be even worse with a heat transfer, which also isn't as durable.)

Embroidery tends to be durable and, honestly, custom embroidered jackets have more of a prestige factor (even if you don't think they look better than printed personalized jackets).


Custom Parka vs Jacket

What's the difference between a custom parka and a custom jacket? The biggest distinction is length. If an insulated jacket extends below your hips, many people will call it a parka.

That said, there are some style choices that customers traditionally associate with parkas -- such as a faux fur trim around the collar. And while that material can be a visual marker, it's less significant than the length.

Functionally speaking, a custom parka is just a style of custom jacket -- or, more specifically, a custom insulated jacket style. That said, some people see certain elements as meaningful distinctions while others don't.

However, no matter what you choose to call a custom jacket, the important thing is that the outerwear keeps people warm and dry. (By the way, the driest jackets often feature taped seams -- which means heated tape was applied to the seams during production for added water resistance.)


Fast Custom Winter Jackets

When you need custom jackets in a hurry, Bolt Printing will scurry -- after all, our namesake is a lightning bolt, one of the speediest things out there.

Our team of customer service experts -- who double as graphic designers -- are on standby to take your order and get your embroidered jackets out on the double (while staying within your budget). In fact, you'll be shocked by our speed, service, quality, and low prices. Yes, insulated jackets can be expensive, but they're a lot less expensive when you're buying from Bolt -- and they'll probably look nicer, too!

Shockingly fast service, great prices, and a customer service team that actually cares -- what's not to love about Bolt Printing?

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