Custom Puffer Jackets

Customize Embroidered Puffer Jackets With Your Logo or Design

Popular Styles: Carhartt and The North Face

Why Choose a Custom Puffer Jacket?

When it comes to premium items, you have premiums and then you have PREMIUMS. Custom puffer jackets are among the most expensive -- and impressive -- types of custom apparel. They're the kind of item associated with high-end brands, corporate gifts, employee uniforms, and more.

Besides being warm, puffer jackets are incredibly stylish. These jackets started to catch on with young men and women in the 1990s thanks to the influence of pop culture celebrities, and the puffy jacket style has only grown in popularity in the years that followed. Because a puffer jacket is already on the trendier side, it can make a business logo look even more impressive. And people absolutely use them -- it's the kind of product customers (and anybody else) will be happy to wear around town (ensuring the logo on your custom embroidered puffer jackets will be seen). 

A Custom Down Jacket by Any Other Name...

Puffer jackets notably have a LOT of other names. For example, some people know them as bubble coats or bubble jackets. But whether somebody is talking about custom down jackets, custom insulated jackets, custom puffy jackets, custom bubble coats, or even custom quilted jackets, they're referring to the same thing... and that's not even getting into special terms used for them in Europe.

So, what makes a puffer jacket... well, puffy? It's not just the insulation (although the fill is a big deal), it's also their "quilted" look. To keep their insulation spread out, puffers have stitched segments separating the fill. This can take the form of a diamond-like design (resembling a real quilt) or the trendier horizontal, puffed-out lines.

They're different from custom jackets in they contain down (either natural or synthetic down) with a quilted design, which makes them warm. And the fact they have this layer of down is why custom embroidery is preferred over screen printing -- specifically because you'd have movement when trying to print, which isn't an issue with custom embroidered puffer jackets. 


A Custom Puffer Vest is a Great Extra Layer

A great way to stay warm involves layering -- namely, by wearing multiple pieces of outerwear. While a custom puffy vest can keep you warm by itself, you'll be even warmer with a jacket over it. That's a great option for the coldest months of the year.

However, keep in mind if a jacket is being worn over a custom puffer vest, your logo probably won't be seen. It's one reason why you might prefer getting a custom puffer jacket instead of a vest.


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Whether you're looking for custom puffer vests or jackets, Bolt Printing has you covered (and warm). We carry brand-name products from companies like North Face -- meaning we offer some of the best puffer jackets for your custom designs.

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