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Custom Printed Aprons Are (Sometimes) Amazing

Custom apparel comes in all shapes and sizes, with many styles serving a specific purpose. However, few custom garments serve as specific a purpose as customized aprons, considering they're only worn during certain activities -- such as grilling or baking.

Despite that, a custom apron can offer a lot of value. And because they tend to be a one-size-fits-all item, you don't have to worry as much about how it fits.

When custom printing aprons, it's important to keep your design small (ideally fitting within a 3.5"-by-3.5" space). Although screen printing is often associated with giant, gorgeous images, you're going to want to keep things a bit more tasteful when it comes to a custom apron -- just a modest custom design at either the left pocket, right pocket, or (in the case of a full apron) the center chest.

Custom Branded Aprons Help Employees Stand Out

Have you ever visited a gardening center and weren't able to tell the workers from the customers? And, unable to tell the difference, did you dare to ask the ever-dreaded, "Do you work here?", or did you finally skip getting help?

When it comes to creating a welcoming environment for customers and other patrons, few things help as much as making your employees identifiable. There shouldn't be a single doubt in a customer's mind whether or not somebody is a worker -- both because it avoids uncomfortable misunderstandings and since it makes it easier to find assistance.

There are other practical benefits, too. First, it helps your business appear more professional and trustworthy. Second, customized aprons can keep the rest of an employee's clothes clean -- which is why many businesses already use aprons. And if workers are going to be wearing an apron anyway, why shouldn't it have a business logo or other design?

Of course, there's standing out and then there's standing out -- namely the question of personalized custom aprons (ie, aprons with names on them), which help to distinguish employees from one another. There are a few good reasons to not bother with personalized aprons, including the added cost (where it's cheaper to just have a name tag) and the practicality (ie, a personalized apron will only ever be good for that one employee). On top of that, when you create personalized aprons, you sometimes create division. And, if you're a fan of the old saying "there's no 'I' in 'team'," then why should there be individual names on aprons?

Many of the businesses and organizations that benefit from branded custom aprons involve either the front-facing side of the service industry or the messy arts (if you work with clay, for example, you'll want a good apron to protect your clothing). These include restaurants, grocery stores (specifically some sections), gardening centers, florist shops, woodshops (including cabinet makers), and an array of food-related charities (like soup kitchens). They also make a lot of sense if you run an afterschool program that teaches kids the arts.

Promotional Aprons Can Make Great Gifts

For certain kinds of businesses and organizations, custom aprons make great giveaway items. For example, if you have a brand associated with cooking -- like a sauce, rub, or other seasoning -- they align with what you do. (And you could even sell your promo aprons or offer a promotional apron as a freebie when customers buy in bulk.) A celebrity chef, cooking show host, or YouTube cooking star might also think about them for promotional giveaways (or selling them).

Custom aprons are sometimes nice for corporate giveaways, too. If you're hosting a summer event for employees or clients, a custom apron can be a fantastic tie-in. (Another option during a company retreat or summer day is to have team leaders wear custom aprons while grilling.)

Or, if you're hosting a family reunion with a big barbecue or other cooking fun, custom aprons could be the perfect gift for everybody manning the grill that day -- or you could acknowledge the mothers in the group (who often cook for the whole family) by giving each of them their own custom apron featuring your family name and maybe a witty slogan.

Remember: One of the best ways to spend time together is while eating!

Screen Printed Aprons Add to Your Fun

What isn't there to love about aprons printed with your favorite design or logo?

Custom aprons are a great way to brighten up a working environment (or even home setting) and add a touch of whimsy. As mentioned earlier, if somebody is going to wear an apron anyway, why shouldn't it feature a custom design? For restaurant workers -- including front of house like waitstaff and servers -- it's a chance to add a little more of your business's branding to their uniforms. (And waist aprons are practical for restaurant employees, whether it's to carry a notepad (and pen) for taking orders or just to carry small items (to keep their hands free). On top of that, custom restaurant aprons have a great look, adding a bit of a pizzazz to restaurant uniforms).

Bolt Printing is the Best Choice for Custom Apron Printing

Our online design studio makes it as easy to create customized aprons as it is to turn on a grill... or even easier if you don't grill. All you need to do to design custom aprons is upload your artwork into our studio (or select text and/or clip art), place it where you want, and our team of design experts will do the rest. Yeah, it's that easy. Really. Don't Bolt-lieve us? Why not give us a call?

After all, the thing that sets Bolt apart isn't a design tool, but our amazing team (and there's definitely no "I"s in our team -- you won't see a single personalized apron at our company barbecues (even if some of us have a favorite chef or grill master)) who'll guide you through each step in the process, working to make sure your design prints beautifully on our high-quality aprons.

So? What are you waiting for? Start designing your own apron today!

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