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Custom Printed Drawstring Bags for Giveaways

Custom drawstring bags are among the most cost-effective promotional products for giveaways, given that they're inexpensive (costing less than custom t-shirts) yet aren't the kind of promo items that people tend to misplace or throw away (such as custom pens, mousepads, or mugs).

In short, they're a great value. And that's why whether you call them custom drawstring backpacks, custom sportpacks, personalized cinch bags, or anything else, there's one more thing you can call a custom drawstring bag -- an amazing promotional product!

What are some ideal promotional giveaways where custom cinch bags make sense? Sports events are a great option -- as are outdoor events in general -- and any promotional event involving children is a solid choice, too. If you're promoting a martial arts dojo, a gym, a school, or team, logo drawstring bags are a great way to get noticed. And, considering the low cost, they make for convenient promotional giveaways.

Custom Printed Cinch Bags for Important Events

Have an big event coming up? Make it even better with promotional cinch bags.

Custom cinch bags can create a feeling of inclusiveness, showing that everybody is part of a group -- whether that group is young or old. It's a great choice for summer company gatherings, YMCAs, summer camps, sports days, and more.

Customize Promotional Drawstring Bags With Logo

As mentioned, one of the easiest (and best) ways to customize drawstring bags is with your logo. It's simple, it's clean, and very easily understood at a glance. And by sticking with a logo, you can maximize your design space by going with as large of a logo as possible (which, by the way, won't cost extra -- printed drawstring bags are priced according to the number of colors in a design, not the size of the design).

Keep in mind that drawstring backpacks offer a large imprint area --

Speaking of colors, when you screen print drawstring bags, you'll want to either stick with a single color print or a two-color print design (where those two colors aren't touching).

First, because a single-color design will usually stand out better on a custom drawstring bag, especially when you choose a brightly-colored bag. For example, if you have a black logo, you'll have a stronger contrast when the product color is lime green than you would if it was a deep red.

Second, there's the technical limitation. Depending on the materials, drawstring backpacks can only be heated (to cure the ink) a certain number of times before the bag begins to shrink (meaning that the design can no longer line up perfectly). Additionally, these bags are prone to movement during the printing process, which will cause issues when attempting to customize a full-color print (or full-color imprint).

The actual design space will vary depending on the bag, with larger custom cinch bags having a larger imprint area. A small bag might have an 8" x 10" decoration space while an extra large drawstring bag has an 11" x 12" imprint space.

Personalized Drawstring Bags With Your Message

No logo? No problem! Just add a custom message instead.

Bolt Printing's online design studio makes it easy to design drawstring bags with a variety of elements, including text, clip art, and more.

What can you put on a custom draw-string bag? The only limit is your imagination! (And the available space... and a lot of text might not be practical, if you were planning on writing your life story.) In general, go with whatever makes sense for what you need.

For example, if your school is having a field day, class trip, sports day, or other event, you might commemorate the event by giving students custom drawstring bags with a design celebrating it.

Or if your company has a team-building day, your custom design could be a motivational message (or maybe a mission statement). Of course, you could ALSO have your company logo either above or underneath it.

And if you've decided to use personalized drawstring bags at a trade show (instead of tote bags), you might also want to include a brand message or a perfect line intended to drum up new business. (What kind of trade shows work best with custom drawstring bags? Anything involving sports, the outdoors, the music industry, or even gaming makes a lot of sense. But, in general, they're good for versatile giveaways where a trade show might have a huge variety of items where customers need a flexible storage space to carry their belongings.)

What’s the Best Customizable Drawstring Bag?

Customizable drawstring bags are available in a variety of sizes and materials. As with other promo items, the best customizable drawstring backpack will usually come down to your needs (or preferences).

One of the first decisions involves the material. There are a few options, but the most popular choices are nylon, cotton, and non-woven polypropylene. All three are durable enough for most uses -- whether you're storing gym clothes, water bottles, or other small items -- and will last a very long time, so that's not a major consideration. However, the big differences include their prices, texture, and whether they're eco-friendly.

Custom nylon drawstring bags tend to cost more than customized cotton drawstring bags. However, they're a popular choice for their texture and perceived durability (because nylon is an artificial fiber and therefore less likely to degrade over time compared to organic materials -- although organic bags will last more than long enough so it shouldn't be a major concern). In particular, nylon custom drawstring bags are a popular choice for team sports bags.

As for a cotton canvas custom drawstring bag, the benefits extend beyond the lower price. Cotton cinch bags are softer and have a more casual vibe.

And then there's non-woven polypropylene. Does that term sound made-up? It's a real thing -- I swear! And it's something you'll want to believe in because it's the least expensive material for promotional drawstring bags (meaning it can easily fit in your promotional marketing budget). And if you've ever wondered about the difference between polypropylene and polyester but have been too scared to ask, it's that polypropylene uses natural fibers while polyester uses synthetic fibers. Out of the two materials, polypropylene is also more durable than polyester.

So, which material is best? Again, it largely comes down to style and preference more than anything (and, if that preference is for low prices, non-woven polypropylene is the least expensive option).

Is size a consideration? Although most promotional drawstring bags are big enough, sometimes you might want something a bit larger.

Need to keep some items separate? You might be surprised to learn some customizable drawstring backpacks feature two compartments instead of one. Usually, these will have an exterior zipper for the secondary storage area. These pockets are great for smaller objects that might get lost in the bag.

If you're using your customized drawstring bags for giveaways, you'll likely want to go with a less expensive design (like the BPNBP). If they're intended as gifts, you may want to pay a premium for something a bit nicer. And, if you're selling those custom drawstring bags, you can go with something a LOT nicer and then pass those costs along to customers.

All in all, custom cinch bags come in all kinds of styles so there's a wide selection of choices. (But, to make your life easier, Bolt Printing sticks to carrying the essentials AND quality versions -- ie, we don't offer any low-grade PVC or ones with weak straps.)

Design Custom Drawstring Backpacks With Logo

Bolt Printing makes it easy to design personalized drawstring bags with your logo. Simply upload your company logo (or custom logo) to our online design studio, size and place it how you like, submit your bag order, and our talented team will create custom drawstring bags that your customers, clients, friends, and everybody else will love. (And, with their everyday use, your logo will be seen by prospective customers and more.)

Why print drawstring bags instead of embroidering them, you ask? Simple -- the material is a little too thin for embroidery. Trying to embroider a lightweight drawstring bag would be about as practical as trying to print on mesh material (in that TECHNICALLY it can be done, but there will likely be some serious quality issues).

Affordable Custom Cinch Bags Delivered Fast

Why should you be forced to choose between price and speed when you can have both? Bolt Printing specializes in lightning fast turnaround times on custom drawstring bags (and many other items, too!) WHILE keeping things within your budget.

Unlike other companies who keep their costs low by producing custom goods overseas (ie, meaning you have to wait longer), Bolt Printing is proudly all-American. All of our production is done at our New England headquarters (a bit over one hour from New York City!), meaning that we're able to control our quality better than those other companies AND can offer faster turnaround times. How fast, you ask? Bolt Printing has a 2-day turnaround time (that's right, a TWO day turnaround time) on promotional drawstring bags (guaranteed up to 100 items, when you select a paid shipping option -- if you need a larger amount within a certain time-frame, give us a call so we can provide a time-frame.)


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