Custom Printed Drawstring Bags

Design your own - Cool Drawstring Bag

Budget Friendly

If you’re looking for the best options of promotional give-away items, drawstring backpacks are top of the list. These backpacks are simple yet incredibly versatile and comfortable. Promotional drawstring backpacks are one of the best forms of ‘free’ advertisement in the market, as people tend to take them along to any trip or outings. They have a cool, classic look and can be used and enjoyed by people of any age group. Printing your logo on these will not only look great but it will stand out anytime someone uses it.


Effective Promotional Product

Made of lightweight nylon fabric, the drawstring backpacks are resilient to abrasions, quite sturdy and perfect to use in all kinds of terrains and weathers. They are the perfect give-a-ways at business expos; paired with any other promotional items like business cards, pens or keychains, they can carry your company’s name anywhere they go. A corporation’s anniversary or any other kind celebration along those lines, are great opportunities for giving away promotional drawstring backpacks. Ordering for the sport’s team sponsored by your business, in their colors printed with their crest and your logo; the possibilities are endless.


Simple Online Ordering System

Bolt Printing provides an amazing and easily workable system so that you can upload or create your very own custom design for your drawstring backpacks. If you much rather be walked through our process, you can always contact our customer service line where you will be helped in great detail in achieving a logo that fits your business’ vision. Experts will go through all aspects of the production process of your order, from quantity to logo placement, to make sure everything is exactly as it should be. As a measure of “triple checking” our team will not start printing your order of cinch backpacks until you have reviewed and approved the final design draft. Rest assured that when you place your order of custom drawstring backpacks, you will receive exactly what you wanted.


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