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Screen Printing Long Sleeve Shirts

Whether you're placing a logo with vibrant colors or a plain-color logo on a tie-dye (where black or white might pop against the garment's vibrant colors), there are plenty of ways to ensure your screen printed design stands out on long sleeve shirts.

What are the benefits of screen printing vs embroidery? For starters, you can screen print large, gorgeous artwork on long sleeve t shirts -- the kind of stuff that might cost a bundle if you were embroidering (because embroidery's cost is determined by the stitch count). And this includes having really long messages on the sleeves.

Express Yourself -- and Your Brand -- with Custom Sleeve Printing

Perhaps the biggest advantage to customizable long sleeve shirts is being able to screen print on those sleeves.

It's an unusual, highly eye-catching placement. In fact, you might even say... long sleeves are brand-tastic.

Best of all? You can do a lot of fun things with sleeves. It's a great place for really long messages or lengthier designs. (However, keep in mind that custom sleeve designs can be hard to read, especially when the wearer is walking. That said, sometimes you have to invoke the "Rule of Cool" -- or, in simpler terms, focus less on practicality in favor of something awesome. Particularly since it might make people more likely to wear the shirts or -- if you're selling custom clothing -- more likely to buy them.)

Custom Photo Long Sleeve Shirts Can Be an Amazing Choice

What's better than an awesome custom design on a long sleeve shirt? What about a photo on a long sleeve tee?

Okay, okay, maybe a photo isn't always the better option, but it's still a very cool, pretty unique customization that works for any number of events.

But what's a great image choice for those custom photo t shirts? How about a team photo? If your sports team became a division or league champion, presenting your teammates with shirts to commemorate that victory will make you look like a champion.

But there are far more uses than just that. What if you're hosting a milestone birthday for a beloved parent or grandparent? You could put a photo of them on a long sleeve shirt.

Family reunion? Wouldn't be be cool to wear a group photo of the family?

In short, there are LOTS of awesome possibilities for custom photo shirts.

A Custom Long Sleeve Pocket Tee is Super-Useful

Never underestimate the value of a pocket t shirt. A pocket can be a supremely useful add-on when storing a pen, pencil, notepad, or other small item (or items).

For certain industries, it might make a lot of sense to provide long sleeve t shirts with pockets to employees. Examples might include contractors who work outdoors during colder months (when long sleeve shirts offer a bit more warmth).

However, even if it's not being used for work, there are benefits to a pocket long sleeve shirt. After all, everybody needs a little extra storage from time to time!

If you're going to customize a long sleeve pocket t-shirt, you have a few choices. First, you can print on the pocket itself, which is a great option for a smaller logo. You can also print a design directly above the pocket, although keep in mind that your logo might not be seen when larger items are in the pocket.

Why Bolt is the BEST Long Sleeve Shirt Printing Company

If you need (or want) to customize long sleeve shirts, there's only one real destination: Bolt Printing.

Bolt offers some of the most affordable prices on custom long sleeve t shirts, on top of having industry-leading turnaround times (including next-day turnaround!), incredible quality, and some of the BEST service around.

Unlike a lot of custom apparel companies, Bolt's team of customer service experts will be there for you throughout the process -- answering your phone calls, providing answers and advice, ensuring your artwork is 100% print-ready, and even following up with on you on proofs (to make sure you're happy with that artwork will look on your custom long sleeve shirt). And if there's a problem, we contact you right away.

In short, you're getting a high-end experience at unbelievable low rates. Even if you were paying twice as much for long sleeve shirts somewhere else, you probably wouldn't get half the service we deliver. (Think of it as getting a premium service without paying a premium!)

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